In Memory of Brando

Our hearts are heavy to learn that FBV Alumni Brando, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 5th. Here is the memorial that his wonderful forever home sent to us.

“He was born on November 6, 2006. He went over the rainbow on September 5, 2014. Peacefully in my arms.

It was obvious from the start that he was loved and cared for by his original parents. He was loving, calm, gentle, smart and knew many commands. He knew hugs and how to give the most gentle nose nibble for a “kiss.” He loved riding in the car and camping in my RV.

I honestly think that he was surrendered out of a deep love and that his family could not give him the on going daily care he needed as his condition worsened. They had his spine surgery done and cared for him for 3 years afterwards. But he gradually was losing functioning. No way could he stay alone for hours in a working home.

He really did need to be in a home in which his adoptive parent was retired or worked from home. They did the right thing in surrendering him to FBV.

Too often, those that surrender dogs are negatively judged. Many do so out of love and the knowledge they cannot provide the care needed for their pet. Brando needed 24/7 care really. A working family gone all day would not have been good for him as his issues progressed. Plus he wanted to interact and talk! Very verbal and quite funny.

I adored Brando and feel very blessed to have had him. He gave me great joy and I feel honored to have had him “forever.” He was a gift. His big brother, Nocchio is grieving too. They grew to be super brothers. Nocchio has been quiet and clingy since we lost Brando. I’m giving him lots of tenderness to help get through his grief. He is doing the same for me.

French Bulldogs are amazing. Brando was amazing.

I’d like to thank FBV for entrusting Brando to me for adoption.”

Our hearts go out to you, Susan. Thank you for giving him such a beautiful life, filled with love.