RIP Miss Piggy

Last week we asked the Village for help with Ms. Piggy’s medical bills. You rallied and helped support her, Kermit, and Demi.


We wish we had better news.


Sadly, we had to make the decision that we needed to help Ms. Piggy cross the rainbow bridge. We sought out the advice of specialists. We discovered that she had minimal quality of life and surgery to fix her health issues would have been invasive and incredibly painful.


Her front leg needed to be amputated and both back legs had grade 4 luxating patellas. Her femurs were bowed out. To fix these issues we would have had to cut her femurs and shave down the bones. It would have required months of painful recovery with a very low success rate.


This also doesn’t even touch her suspected spinal issues. She couldn’t walk and just laid in one spot. She stopped eating and was excessively panting.


It's just incredibly sad what this dog went through. We decided to make the humane choice and let her cross the rainbow bridge. She was surrounded in love. Her foster mother held her and loved her until the very end.


Thank you for all of your support. Thank you to her foster home for showing her kindness, compassion, and love. Sometimes, that’s all we can do.


Miss Piggy was dumped at the door of a veterinary specialty practice that FBV works with often and respects immensely. A vet tech found her on the way into work after Piggy had been left in a crate overnight in the parking lot. She was not microchipped and found to be in rough shape. The practice asked if FBV would take her in, help provide her with the rest of the care she needed and find her a forever home.


Piggy has significant mobility issues. She has unresolvable mobility issues in a rear limb as well as a front limb. Her front limb is in such bad shape that we are thinking amputation may be her best bet for a better quality of life. However, we are going to have her evaluated by specialists to help us determine the best course of action for her mobility. For now, her foster mom helps her get around in a stroller. She also has a double ear infection and cherry eye and will need dental scaling for her teeth.


Miss Piggy is a sweetie and is being showered with love and affection in her foster home. Her foster mom has also finally found Miss Piggy’s favorite bone…elk antlers!