Mocha in Florida– ADOPTED!!

Mocha is home!! She has been adopted by an amazing new mom and dad. She also has a new English Bulldog brother who is not quite sure about her taking all his toys and playing keep away with him but who has become pretty smitten with her anyway. Mocha is being completely spoiled by her forever family and is already the apple of all their eyes. We are absolutely thrilled for Mocha and wish her a future filled with love, kisses and treats!


Are you looking for a pawfect bulltato that's made of sugar, sass and the best snuggles in town? Look no further! Mocha has made it to our available page!


Hey y'all, I’m Mocha. I’m a Florida girl making my debut on the national dance floor! I’m super cute, out here representing short curvy girls!


My favs are sunbathing and couch snuggling. I’m also really good at shadowing my humans. My foster mom says I could win all of the staring contests. Really though, I just need to make sure I’m not missing an opportunity to sneak a cuddle. I could veg on the couch for days! I put on a calm, chill front, and will snuggle for as long as you’ll let me…but let me tell you, I can get down. My foster mom says I can get pretty intense sometimes; if you get me, too excited. I have learned to focus my intense play on running after a thrown toy and shaking it really hard when I catch it or playing tug with my Frenchie roommate or foster mom. I will try to play with the hose outside, but for some reason my foster mom doesn’t like that…something about holes. I’d probably not do well with a pool because I want to play with water really badly, but I’m not good at swimming and might get myself into trouble.


I am completely potty trained, and I am not destructive when left alone in my home. I also do not mess with things that aren’t mine, so you don’t have to worry about me eating or destroying inappropriate things. I like my crate as well. It’s my chill pad; I hop right in there for a cookie and meals and will calmly hang in there when needed, even when my people are home. I don’t bug the kids in the house, but I will cuddle with them on the couch and expect the occasional pet from those little nuggets. I mean…a warm lap is a warm lap, am I right!? I also like when guests come over! More laps and pets for me!


I love car rides and behave perfectly when going places. They gave me a rave review at all of my vet appointments! I’m good with baths, nails, butt wipes and all of that boring stuff. I don’t know any special commands except sit, but with this cute face, I manage.


I am not ashamed to say, I’m a total boss babe! I can be pretty bossy and sometimes sassy, but if you put your foot down and mean it, I comply. I did mention I can get intense when over excited, but I have definitely not shown any aggression or any reactivity; that’s not the way I roll. When it comes to my male Frenchie roommate, I like to do things on my time. If I want to play with him, I’ll go ask him. If I don’t, I just do my own thing. He’s cool with that, so we get along great. I don’t think I’d like a roommate that’s in my face constantly and doesn’t know when to chill or a roommate who is just as bossy as myself. I basically want to find my BFF and furever home. I’m a keeper!! As for female pooches, that’s a no for me - I’m the queen of my castle, what can I say?


Okay, now for the stuff you also need to know… My previous issues with my salivary glands have been resolved, so I am good there. But I do get pretty itchy, at least here in Florida. My foster mom gets me Cytopoint once a month and that seems to do the trick. I can get loose stool (typical to my kind), so they have me on a Science Diet Low-fat I/D and that helps a lot. Besides that, I’m super healthy and ready to rock this new adventure!!