Molly in Pennsylvania- ADOPTED!!

Molly is living it up in her forever home! Her family is absolutely in love with her. She supervises her mom’s workouts each day. She also enjoys spending time with her dad and her two human sisters. She has two doggie siblings and two kittie siblings to hang with as well. She is the queen of the house and spoiled beyond belief, but she doesn’t mind at all. LOL! Her family has lots of experience in working in rescue and caring for dogs, so they are truly a fantastic place for Molly to grow old. We are so happy for Molly and her family!

Hey’s me, Molly!! I am on the search for my perfect forever family…could you be it?


Let me tell you all a bit about myself. I am approximately 4-5 years old and am absolutely stunning if I do say so myself. I currently am hanging with a family in PA that includes a couple adults, as well as a kid and some dogs, chickens, guinea pigs, hamsters, and cats. I get along great with the people and dogs…I mean am a very lovable and easy-going gal so why wouldn’t we! All the others have been of little to no interest to me (although I have only seen the hamsters and guinea pigs through their cages).


I am healthy, have been spayed and had some teeth pulled. I don’t take any prescription medications, but I do take a probiotic. I currently eat a raw diet and love it. My foster family has found a good routine with my diet…keeping it varied but also keeping my poops solid (don’t tell anyone but I kind of have a sensitive stomach). I would really love for my forever home to continue with a raw diet but understand if it is not possible.


Let’s not spread this around to everyone but I am only partially housebroken. Okay…so I have been known to go inside when I really have to go. I will go outside if you take me out regularly and stay on top of me, but when I have to go I will find one of my favorite spots and potty. My foster family places some potty pads in these areas and changes them frequently which helps to keep the areas clean. I am hopeful that with some more work on it I will get better about pottying only outside.


I enjoy going for walks (and am good on a leash) when it is cool outside but slow down at around the 30-minute mark. While I enjoy my walks, I also wouldn’t mind my forever home having a fenced yard. I am usually very calm but right before my poops, I do typically get these bursts of energy so having a fenced yard to run around in would be good.


I enjoy snoozing and chewing on things. I am not highly toy motivated but do enjoy chew toys if they are available. I also like chewing on things my foster family says I shouldn’t like wood, chairs and trim. I know…not ideal but I am working on it. I also love rubbing my back along the carpet…I will wriggle all along it several times a day.


I am very passive. Not much bothers me including vacuums. You don’t have to worry about me attacking yours. I really could care less about them. If you wanted to know, I am also crate trained.


I totally love being around my people and will follow them from room to room. I also love my doggie housemates. My ideal home would be one with other dogs. I also would really like for someone to be home more often than not to help me be more successful with my potty training.