Monty in North Carolina— ADOPTED!!

Monty has been adopted by a fantastic home! We couldn’t be more thrilled for him and his new family. He has an amazing mom and dad and two doggie siblings to keep him company. His mom and dad are absolutely in love with him and can’t wait to spend the rest of his days spoiling him! Way to go Monty…you are home!!!

Sweet Monty is looking for his forever home. This poor fella has had a rough life so far. As a puppy, he was stolen from a pet store. Then 6 years later, he was found as a stray and taken to the animal shelter where they called the Village to come get him. You would never know it though because he is the sweetest little guy.


Monty had a neck injury resulting in paralysis that required major surgery while in rescue. Luckily, the surgery was successful and other than slight weakness and an occasional wobble in his rear end, he has recovered completely. Monty will always require special attention and care to make sure he does not jump off furniture as he could reinjure his neck/back quite easily. He does not have experience going up and down stairs. He can manage a small number of dog stairs but must be carried up and down anything more substantial. Monty should NEVER be walked with a neck collar...he will always need to be in a harness when walking on leash.


He also has a predisposition to develop bladder stones. He will need to be on a special diet to reduce the likelihood of developing bladder stones again in the future. Monty was not house trained at all when he came into rescue and spent the first few months in his foster home wearing a diaper 24/7. Since his bladder stones were removed, he no longer dribbles throughout the day. He does occasionally sneak a pee in the house as he is still learning that marking in the house is not appropriate.


Monty has had airway and nares surgery but will still get excited and overheated. He will need to be closely monitored any time he is outside playing or walking in warm temperatures to ensure he does not overheat.


Monty is an active, happy go lucky guy. He loves to run laps in his foster home and in the fenced yard. He is very active and excitable in the morning but after dinner is happy to climb into a dog bed and relax until bedtime. Monty loves to eat and races (and usually wins) to the kitchen at every mealtime.


He is a total love bug and butts right in to get head and belly rubs...there is no such thing as personal space where Monty is concerned. He is just the goofiest, funniest little guy and truly marches to his own beat. Monty will play with toys and chew bones and antlers but must be monitored. He will destroy and eat soft toys and anything else he can tear up.


Monty loves walks and to play in the yard. He loves attention, being with his people and being with his foster siblings. Monty also loves warm, fuzzy blankets and often sneaks off into the human bed to snuggle in the blankets. He also is obsessed with the floor vent heater. He LOVES to sit and lie on the vent and bask in the warmth!


Monty currently has a fenced yard where he can run and explore freely and would love to have one in his forever home too. He walks very well with a leash and harness and could be ok with multiple daily walks but does love his yard. Monty must be monitored out in the yard to prevent overheating. Also, he gets so excited that he will just take off without reservation. He always listens, but his forever home will need to monitor him at doors.


Monty currently lives in a foster home with four doggie siblings. He gets along with all of them and loves being a part of the pack. He also plays well with his French Bulldog neighbor and goes for walks with him often. Monty, however, has an assertive personality and could have issues with a dominant dog. While he gets along with the alpha female in his current pack, he does stand up to her bossiness and often gives it right back to her.


Monty is very mouthy. He loves to give kisses and nibbles, and while his foster home has been trying to work on appropriate displays of affection, it would be concerning to place him in a home with children. He loves to lick faces and nibble ears and hands and does this vigorously when excited. Monty will occasionally "complain" with a weird growling noise when he is picked up and doesn’t want to be. Although he will grumble, he has never bitten but he should be monitored as his behaviors have the potential to escalate. He has not shown any food aggression in foster care either but should be supervised at the food bowl as he will finish his food quickly and then try to eat everyone else's crumbs. His new family will need to be firm in correcting undesirable behaviors and commit to continuing to work with him on increasing appropriate actions.


Monty stays in a pen/crate when his foster parents are at work. However, after a few hours, he gets restless and will bark as well as occasionally chew on the bars of his enclosure. Of course, he would love someone who is home all the time with him but would be fine with a mid-day potty break and walk. Monty also sleeps in his pen at night and does not typically complain about this.


What Monty’s foster parents love most about him is the way he runs is not only hilarious, but it's a miracle. They LOVE to watch him run in the yard...he puts his head back and just goes as hard as he can! All four of his little feet leave the ground and he runs with his mouth wide open! After not knowing if he would ever be able to walk/run again...they can't get enough of that goofy little potato running through the house or in the yard.  


Monty is truly a loving, goofy, and unique little guy. He was discarded and left to fend for himself and has overcome very serious medical challenges. Monty has had three surgeries since September. Despite the challenges he has faced, he has retained his happy, loving, and wonderful personality. Everyone who meets Monty loves him. He has so much love to give, and he deserves a home that will shower him with love in return.