Paco in Pennsylvania– ADOPTED!!

Paco has officially made it to his new home and is settling in well. His forever family is already totally in love with him. He will be an only dog, so boy is he going to be SPOILED! We are absolutely thrilled for him and his new mom, dad, and human sister. We know they are all over the moon to have found each other!

This adorable guy is a young 10 months old and a big 27lbs. Paco was surrendered when his former family's living conditions suddenly changed. 


He has no ongoing health issues and the cherry eye he had upon coming into rescue was corrected surgically. He lives with kids that he loves. They are 10 & 13; however, he plays really rough so he will be looking for a home with older kids.


Paco gets all excited when he sees other dogs. Sometimes he goes all crazy with his Frenchie voice and sometimes he just stares. He hasn’t had a playdate or interacted with another dog one-on-one, so slow introductions are a must. He will have to learn canine social cues. Paco would do fine as an only dog as well.


He is full of personality. He is still a puppy, so he has all the energy in the world. He loves to play with his people and his toys. He also loves to go outside, run around and sniff everything. Sometimes it takes him forever to pee because he is very busy sniffing the grass, which he is also kind of obsessed with, especially if it’s wet. He would lick your whole yard if you let him. He loves nice neighborhood walks when the weather is nice; walks burn up some of his energy. Even with his sudden bursts of energy, Paco is a great napper. He loves to take long naps especially if he has people around. 


Everything that Paco does is funny! He is such a silly dog; he loves to goof around doing zoomies and playing with his toys. He makes the silliest faces! His tongue comes out just a little bit and curls….it’s the cutest thing ever! Also, his lips get stuck on his gums often ending up looking like he is giving mean mugs. By far the funniest thing he does is as soon as he hears the ice dispenser, he flies over to get a piece of ice. It doesn’t matter where he is or what he is doing, like being in the deepest of sleep…He loves ice!


Paco is just like a toddler. If there’s too much silence in the house, then you should go check on him! He can be a bit curious. He’s been caught trying to reach the plants, destroying puppy pads, and stealing shoes. He will grab anything that is misplaced and play with it.


Paco is partially housebroken. He sleeps all night in his crate without having accidents; however, during the day, even after taking him out several times an hour, he will keep pottying inside the house. He has learned to use puppy pads but has some aiming problems. His new family will have to be very patient with him and be able to give him multiple potty breaks throughout the day.


Paco would love a home with happy people who will love taking him for walks, playing with him, cuddling with him, and giving him lots of treats and all the attention and love he deserves. Paco would appreciate that his people are around often; he gets a little down when his people are gone from home for too long. He also can get a little curious around the house and will definitely need numerous potty breaks throughout the day (either by his family or a dog walker if his family works away from home). Since Paco is still a puppy, he would benefit from some basic manner training as well.


Paco is just the sweetest guy ever. He has puppy energy but at the same time he is very laid back. His personality is the best…always happy and looking to give and receive love. He is more than happy just being by his person’s side. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him instantly.