Pammy in Pennsylvania– ADOPTED!!

Pammy, now Ellie, has been adopted by a fantastic forever family! She has two Boston Terrier brothers as well as a human brother. Her new family already loves her so much and cannot wait to spoil her rotten. She is having a blast playing with her human brother and he completely adores her. He is already thinking of a Halloween costume for her. 🙂 Happy life sweet Ellie!

Pammy is a 7-month-old cutie who was surrendered with a broken arm and limp that had gone untreated by her previous owner for 2 weeks. She also had rocks in her belly on x-ray and was underweight. She had surgery on her arm immediately upon coming to FBV and had great success. The surgeon said she may develop arthritis in the future but right now she gets around very well. She will need someone who will be willing to help her with any mobility issues years she may get down the road.

Pammy is your typical puppy. She is goofy and funny! She loves to play with her foster brothers and by herself with toys. Pammy is NOT picky with toys…haha! She loves toys and will take every single one out of the toy bin until she finds the ‘best’ one. She even will bring her favorite, biggest stuffed toy out with her to use the bathroom. She carries it around and as soon as she goes potty, she drops the animal and sits for a treat! Her foster mom gives her the treat, and she picks her stuffy back up to go back inside. She is so little but carrying around a huge green dragon! She has lots of energy and loves to run around. She follows up her play sessions with long periods of napping and cuddling with her foster brothers. She will settle in with a chew bone for a while as well.

She has no temperament issues and is crate trained and leash trained. She also knows the command “sit.” She is still working on housetraining given she is still a puppy. She will have an occasional accident but will always go outside when taken out by her foster family. With a schedule and lots of praise, she is sure to get the hang of it. She is a smart girl that is both treat and praise motivated!

Pammy would prefer a home with a fenced yard but does not require it. She does, however, require a home in which someone is home all day or someone who can provide her with a midday potty break/walk. She also would enjoy going to work with her new person. She would love a home where there is another playful pup as she absolutely loves to play with other dogs. If there is no other dog in the house, she would like the ability to see and play with other dogs outside the home (please note on your application your plans to give her playtime with other dogs if you don’t have dogs of your own).

Pammy is as sweet as pie and so funny!! Everything she does makes her foster family laugh. When she is sleepy from playing with her foster fur brothers, she will go over to them and wiggle her little body in between them to sleep.

She is very special. The beginning of her life wasn’t the best, but she has shown such resilience. From the first day she came into rescue, she has been such a happy pup. Even with a broken arm and most likely pain from it (though she never showed it), she limped around happily until surgery took place. She was just so excited to be enjoying life. Since surgery, her arm has healed perfectly, and she no longer has the limp she had before. Now she only has a very slight limp when she first wakes up.

All Pammy wants in life is love and affection…and plenty of playtime. She has so much to give and deserves so much in return! She has brought so much joy to her foster family in the short time they have had her. She undoubtedly will bring a tremendous amount of joy to her new family and will make them very happy!