Peaches in Pennsylvania- ADOPTED!!

Isn’t she a Peach? Introducing Peaches! As her talent agent, I would like to start off with asking the kids in your family or neighborhood to start singing the Peaches song from Super Mario as this will get stuck in your head and become the soundtrack to this bio!


Peaches…peaches peaches peachessss!


Some of her well known talents include snuggling (she’s award winning), chewing Nylabones, taking walks, and getting baths [her favorite movies are Singing in the Rain and FlashDance (you know the scene)].


She’s also known to be a bit of a DIVA with other dogs (not with people) when it comes to her things…her food, her toys (OK, awards (she made me say that), and her possessions (including “her” couch and her Chewy Vuitton purse/toy). She was a child actress so this “diva behavior” has been a hard habit for her to break, but she’s getting better the more she is exposed to other actors (other dogs). She is perfectly cordial in social settings with other dogs, but on her terms, at first. She wanted me to say again that her things are only for her. Period. Because she will get into nasty tiffs with other dogs over toys and treats, she will be placed as an only dog. She also will only be placed in a home with children over the age of 10 who are dog savvy.


Speaking of “diva behavior,” she likes a blow out and a good face fold wash. She does tend to go to the “groomer” for her nails because, let’s face it, that’s not in my job description. She likes getting dressed up and going to social events! No, really. She likes to get dressed up. She likes going for rides to the awards ceremonies and lunches with her peeps. She’s a mover and a shaker….and a zoomie runner! A yard for her would be great but it’s not a deal breaker if you don’t have a yard (if you do have a yard, it must be airtight, though, as Peaches, like Houdini, will try to escape any situation).


She is not a barker unless it’s that dastardly dude dressed like the Amazon driver that likes to press the doorbell for no reason. Yes, we know there are 45 boxes on the porch. That’s every day. We know! Stop ringing the doorbell. She prefers her men to be in a uniform more like Top Gun than “Today before 5.” She’s also not a huge fan of #2 in the grass. She prefers more “natural” surfaces like mulch or concrete. Speaking of things in 2’s, best to make sure she tinkles 2 times before you go inside.


She’s OK in a crate. She prefers to be with you, around you, in your lap, in your bed, but she will settle for the crate if you need her to. Soft bedding isn’t a great idea as she’s been known to pee on it so until she’s earned this privilege, best to go without blankets, for now. A home where she’s not cooped up all day would be ideal.


Peaches has a full schedule of snuggling and playing so to have someone home would be great! Plus, she’s gonna need to have you fill up your phone with all of her pictures to send to family, friends and people from high school you haven’t talked to in 25 years but are now Facebook friends. She’s all for her social media followers.


As her agent, there are some other things I need to tell you. She is a true princess! She is definitely a people lover…and people love her! She is 1000% like Velcro as well. If her person moves an inch, she’s moving an inch with him or her. Also, this isn’t in her IMDB but Peaches snores like an 80-year-old man with sleep apnea. She might fire me over that one.


If you have a role for a talented, sweet, social, loving part in your family, please consider Peaches.