Peanut in Florida— ADOPTED!

Peanut is now in his forever home…and what a great home it is! He has a wonderful new mom, dad, doggie sister and cat sibling. He is being completely spoiled and showered with lots of love already. We cannot wait to see all the adventures this new family shares together. We know they are going to be spectacular!

Peanut is a 9-year-old neutered male. To meet Peanut, is to fall in love with Peanut! Whether you love petting his soft fur, his sweet tiny kisses, or laugh at his expressions, snorts, and sighs, he is truly a diamond in the rough. In regards to his behavior, he is a grade A pup! He is fully house and crate trained and knows commands like “sit” and “come.”


He is good with all people, even the littlest of little ones; he just wants to get pets! Like all frenchies, he selectively chooses which commands to listen to, so a firm alpha hooman is a must!! He gets along great with his foster Frenchie brother and has met many other dogs and behaved well. His last home had cats and reportedly he did well with them too. He can be bossy and steal toys from his foster brother, so it’s unknown how he would be with a strong alpha dog.


Peanut was lovingly surrendered when his owner could no longer care for his medical needs. Peanut has significant skin allergies and has recurrent yeast infections that are well controlled with high quality grain free food and weekly medicated baths. His skin will need to be monitored daily with special attention to his tail pocket, paw beds, ears, and face folds. He responds very well to miconazole and chlorhexidine products such as mousses, shampoos, and sprays.


Peanut is “Mr. Go With The Flow.” He is very easy going and is happy to just follow his people around the house or nap on a big fluffy bed. He tolerates walks and sometimes wants to go on them. He loves family walks because he wants to be included in all family activities!


Peanut LOVES tennis balls…small Kong size balls are perfect for him and he can entertain himself for hours playing with one. He also loves to play fetch! He likes toys but prefers a tennis ball over pretty much anything else in the world.


Peanut loves his people and wants to be around them. The perfect home for him would be someone who is home often to keep him company. He would be wonderful for someone who wants to take a dog to the office or works from home. He does great out on the town and would be the ideal dog for someone who enjoys taking their pets with them on errands and fun outings.


He does so many funny things! But a definite favorite is when he wants more pets and uses his paw to show you by gently lifting it up to touch your arm or hand. Peanut is the happiest, sweetest boy who just wants love, treats, a soft place to nap, and someone who can keep his skin healthy and itch free. He loves unconditionally and is an absolute joy! He deserves a family that will love him the same way to live out the rest of his days!


Peanuts skin is very sensitive, and he will never be a dog that only needs a bath every now and then. He will need baths at least once a week and sometimes more often. When he came into foster care, he had a skin abscess from untreated inflammation. He needed the abscess drained and two weeks of antibiotics (twice a day) to treat it. If he gets regular weekly baths and his new owner is diligent about his skin, he should not have too many problems moving forward. Other than his skin, the vet says he is a very healthy dog.


Peanut would be a great addition to any family!