Petunia in Virginia- ADOPTED!!

Petunia has been adopted by amazing parents. Both her parents are retired from careers with animals, so they have tons of experience with dogs. Petunia also has a new doggie sister with whom to play and cuddle. We are completely ecstatic for Petunia and her new family. They are a perfect match!

The girl who is as pretty as a flower is ready to find her new home. Please welcome Petunia to our available page!


Petunia is a beautiful four-year-old who came into rescue back in mid 2021; she was rehomed when her owner passed away. While being in rescue, her foster family realized quickly that she was having issues with urination. The Village jumped into action and had a myriad of tests and procedures performed to get to the bottom of her constant urinary infections. We finally got a diagnosis of “Inflammatory Urethral Disease” (also known as Urethritis). Petunia will be prone to urinary inflammation/infections for the rest of her life because of her disease. Her urethra (where urine is expelled) is prone to inflammation; to keep her issues at bay, she is currently on prescription food (around $100/bag), and she may need anti-inflammatory medication on board a few days a week. She has also been getting a cytopoint injection while in rescue to help with her itchiness.


Petunia’s foster family describes her as a “true treasure.” She is curious, mischievous, smart, sassy, loyal and loving. Petunia LOVES and NEEDS the freedom of running off leash in a yard. She will require a fenced yard to play and relieve herself. Petunia thinks of herself as having an adventurous spirit… perhaps a bit too adventurous at times, as she has been known to go after small animals (squirrels, birds, toads, etc.). So, for that reason, the other animals in her adoptive home will need to be her size or larger. She is an absolute flight risk; she cannot be trusted off leash. It is important that the fence she is loose in is totally secure and has no weak spots. 


Petunia’s perfect family will let her snuggle up on the couch and sleep close to them in bed at night. She truly enjoys being close to her people. Her foster family even describes her as the “perfect” family pet. She gets along with everyone in the household, fur siblings and skin siblings alike. Petunia is happy to be in the middle of the pack; she's not dominant or submissive, just thrilled to be a part of the family. She really enjoys playing with the other dogs in the household, going on walks and ending the day being a snuggly couch potato.