Philly in North Carolina– ADOPTED!!

Philly has been adopted by an amazing new dad!! He is an only pup so he is getting all his dad’s attention for which he couldn’t be happier. We are thrilled that these two found each other; they are a perfect match! We know they will share lots of happy memories together.

So big Philly made his way back to the rescue after disagreements with his adopter's resident dog. He was getting into dog fights over high value items such as toys, food and things dropped on the floor by his adopters. Even though Philly does enjoy playing with other dogs, we feel he needs to be an only dog for safety. Other than the fights with the resident dog, he was a big sweetie and his adoptive family loved him very much but wanted the best life for him. They tearfully did what they felt was right for all the dogs involved and surrendered Philly back to us.


Our boy, Philly, weighs in at 32lbs. He was originally surrendered by a good Samaritan who rescued him from a hoarding/breeding situation. When he developed IVDD, the surrender's home situation became less than ideal for him. 


Poor Philly does have some medical issues that his forever home will need to be able to handle. He has allergies and takes Apoquel twice daily. He also eats a specific food for skin and stomach sensitivities.


He has IVDD as well; it's mostly under control now. However, if he plays too rough or jumps, etc., he can aggravate his condition which has required a round (about a week) of anti-inflammatories, pain meds, and restricted activity/crate rest. His new home will either need to have experience with IVDD or be willing to do the research and learn as much as they can about the condition. They will also need to help him avoid jumping on or off furniture and using stairs and monitor the amount of activity he gets. Some dogs even get to the point where an MRI or surgery is needed; this can be very expensive.  


Philly does well with other dogs but may test or be pesty to alpha dogs. He has had incidents with his foster home’s dogs where growling and the showing of teeth have occurred over resources, but Philly retreated. He would do best with another easygoing, younger dog as he may irritate an older dog.  


He loves people! While he has met a younger child and seemed to understand that he needed to be more gentle, older children would be best. His foster home has not seen him around cats, so it is unclear how he would do with them.


Philly is a happy loving boy who likes to play. He loves his toys, being outside, and strutting his stuff on short walks. He is not aggressive on walks towards other dogs but is very curious. He likes to stop and check things out and take it all in.


Philly is housebroken but during his IVDD flair ups he may have accidents. He is leash and crate trained but prefers not to be crated. He also knows the commands sit, stay and come.


Philly has small active spurts but is mostly very laid back. He likes to have his belly rubbed and to cuddle. He is fun and funny and a great companion. An ideal home for Philly would provide him love, attention, and play at a level that coincides with his IVDD health parameters…no jumping, no tug of war, no long walks/running, nothing too laborious. He would love a home where he can be curious but safe and where his silliness is appreciated.