Pongo in Georgia– ADOPTED!!

Pongo has been adopted by a loving couple. He is an only dog but has a Frenchie uncle with whom to play. His new family is super excited to have been chosen to be the forever home for such a special pup. Congrats to Pongo for finding his forever!

Pongo is back! He is a very handsome 3-year-old boy with a huge noggin and an even larger personality! He came into FBV as an owner surrender when the family no longer had the time to figure out his digestive disorders. Pongo was severely malnourished and underweight when he entered the Village. After a few doctor visits, it was determined that Pongo has a very mild case of Megaesophagus. While in foster care, this has been completely under control.


Pongo also had nares and soft palate surgery, which has helped any issues with vomiting he had and helped him to pack on some much needed pounds. Speaking of eating…Pongo requested that we note here - missing a meal is not an option in his new home, so forever families please make sure you understand how important his mealtimes are! Also, he is NOT food aggressive in anyway shape or form; but we would recommend being VERY cautious with little hands because Pongo is very fast when food falls to the ground. There is no 3 second rule in his mind as it won’t be there that long.


Pongo has a chronic spinal injury that was found by MRI that causes him to be wonky in his backend. Given his old spinal injury, it will be very important for his forever family to help him avoid jumping and doing stairs. He loves playing and rough housing with other dogs, so if there are other dogs in the home, monitoring this should be taken into consideration. Pongo has good days and bad days with his mobility. His mobility could worsen with time and lead him to need a cart for improved mobility in the future. He also would benefit from physical therapy.


Also, because of his spinal injury, he is mostly housetrained but not 100%. When he needs to poop, he has to regardless of where he may be- the floor, driveway and even the bed. Sticking to a very consistent schedule helps with this. He will also sometimes pee on his front paws when he goes outside…not too big of an issue for his people as a wipe down with a baby wipe when he comes inside, and he is all cleaned up. Just ask him for his paw and he’ll give it to you.


Pongo is at a good weight now - lean but not skinny. However, we don’t want him to get too heavy given his back issues. He gets Benedryl and Cytopoint injections as he is prone to hot spots. He also is given a joint supplement and Gabapentin twice a day.


A quick guide to things Pongo loves:

* Cuddles on the couch

* Sleeping with his human

* Playing with stuffies

* Chasing the birds in the yard

* Frog dogging

* Being a Sous Chef

* Car rides

* Ear, chin, back and tummy rubs


A quick guide to things Pongo hates:

* Being crated or penned up

* His toenails trimmed

* The idea of a bath (however, after he feels warm water, he’s all about it)

* Missing a meal

* Not getting attention