Popeye in Maryland

Popeye was transferred to a different rescue called Speranza Animal Rescue where they can better address his behavioral issues. We are so grateful to Speranza Animal Rescue for taking Popeye into their care. You can continue to see how Popeye is doing and support this wonderful rescue by checking out their website and following them on Facebook. They are an amazing organization!

Popeye is a handsome, 6-year-old who was surrendered when his family could no longer handle his eating of feces. He came to rescue very skinny (over 5 lbs underweight) which the vet attributed to being fed a diet that was deficient in vital nutrients.


He was treated for ‘allergies’ with a Cytopoint injection when he first came to FBV but since this one injection and a change to a higher quality food, Popeye has had no further issues with his skin. He does, however, experience occasional regurgitation, but this also has improved with better food (Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach formula) and using a slow feeder. Popeye had a dental while in foster care, too, and had a couple teeth extracted.


Popeye sadly enjoys eating poop. His foster family has tried EVERYTHING to get him to stop but the vet thinks he picked up this behavior because he was on food that was lacking nutrients for so long. Because it has been going on for so long, he may never break the habit. 


Popeye has not shown resource guarding with the resident animals, but he does NOT want humans to touch his food bowl or his body while eating. He will growl, and if his growl is not respected, he will lunge. Once his bowl is empty, you are safe to pick it up without him having any issue. He also will take advantage of any dog who is a slow eater by bullying them away from their bowl. It would be best to feed Popeye separately from other dogs in the house.


Popeye HATES all things to do with grooming!!! He will tolerate a bath and face fold cleaning for a few minutes but will growl when he has had enough or when it comes to having his bum, belly and ears cleaned. Having his nails trimmed is even worse and he requires going to the vet to have them done. Before heading to the vet for appointments, he is given 1 (100mg) Gabapentin and 1 (50 mg) Trazadone the night before and 1 more of each medication the morning of the appointment.


He would do best with someone who has bully experience and who can be a strong leader to him. His warning signs (growling, stiffened body, and hackles up) must be respected so that no one is injured. He would also do well in a home that has time to work on further training with him. He is very food motivated and would do great with clicker training.


He is very friendly with other dogs and has never gone after or redirected toward them. He actually seems calmed by the resident dogs when he gets upset with grooming and loud noises. He would love to have another doggie sibling in his forever home, but he does nibble when he plays so another dog will need to be tolerant of this. Popeye is also good with cats and loves to cuddle with the resident cat. He loves to cuddle with the guinea pigs when they are out, too.


Popeye loves people and wants to be friends with everyone but because he is such a Velcro dog and is not great about respecting personal space (walking right at your ankles), some individuals may find him a bit too much and individuals not so steady on their feet could find themselves tripping over him. Popeye will absolutely not be placed in a home with young, small children. He will require older (13+), dog savvy children as he tends to nip when playing, does not like (and will growl and bark) quick movements or sudden loud sounds, and again does not like to be touched while eating.


Popeye sleeps in bed with his foster family until he needs to potty around 3:30 am (if ignored, he will pee on the bed) and then sleeps in his crate until 6 am. He is absolutely fine with this as long as his crate is right near the human bed. He does not care to be disturbed while sleeping and will growl if moved or picked up. He LOVES riding in cars and rides well either confined in a crate or strapped in with a seatbelt.


A fenced yard is not a requirement; though, one would be nice. Popeye would not do well in an apartment or condo as he does tend to bark at sounds and people outside. A short walk or jog and some playtime with humans or other dogs throughout the day would be sufficient for Popeye. He does pretty well on leash, but further training would help him do even better.


Popeye is MOSTLY housebroken. He will 100% give you cues when he needs to go and will go to the door that he knows gets him out to the yard to potty. If you ignore him or are not quick enough, he will definitely pee and poop on the floor. He will require frequent potty breaks so someone who is home with him often or can take him to work or doggie daycare would be best. Popeye is also picky about where he takes a poo. He will not poop out on a walk and will wait until he gets home to his yard to poop. He also has his specific spots in the yard where he likes to poop.


He enjoys looking at himself in mirrors, cuddles and playing. He also REALLY likes chew toys (like Kongs) and tossing around stuffed toys. His absolute favorites treats are bananas and salmon treats.


Popeye is an absolute clown! He is very much your typical "Frenchie". He wants to ALWAYS be around humans, and he LOVES a LOT!!! He does have his quirks, but then again, who doesn’t.