Posey in Nevada– ADOPTED!!

Posey has been adopted....by her veterinarian! The instant the two met it was love at first sight. This veterinarian has worked with Posey from the second she came into our rescue and has provided her with the utmost care.

Posey has a hernia that will be repaired during her spay. However, given the severity of her hernia, this will be a difficult and expensive procedure. When the vet reached out to ask if we would allow her to adopt Posey and would take over the responsibility of Posey’s care if adopted, we felt this was the perfect scenario for all involved.

Posey couldn’t ask for a better home. She now has a vet parent who can fix her anal prolapse at any time if it ever reoccurs and will be able to help her through a difficult hernia repair during her spay. The two love each other immensely and Posey is thriving in her new home. Please help us in congratulating Posey and her new family!

Ring around the Rosie pocket full of a little puppy Posey. Posey is a New Year’s Day puppy, full of energy at 15 weeks old and weighing in at 9lbs 14oz. She is the sweetest little brindle ball of joy!

Posey was surrendered to FBV due to a severe rectal prolapse. When we found out the severity of her prolapse, we knew we had to help her. She was rushed to the vet who performed a purse string procedure to repair it. The purse string has been holding for now and her poops are good so we are hoping that it will be a success.

This little girl is being fostered in Nevada where she will be working on her recovery. While she continues to recover from her procedure, we will work on learning more about her behavior as well as further evaluate her overall health.

Posey is just as sweet as they come...a total lap puppy who needs full-time attention. She deserves the best care that we can give her and the perfect forever home when she is ready for adoption.