Princess Buttercup in Florida- ADOPTED!

Princess Buttercup is a beautiful 3-year-old girl who is ready to find her forever home! She is healthy with no ongoing health issues. She has shown no resource guarding with humans or dogs but is fed separately from the other dogs in the house as the resident dogs are already used to eating in their crates. She also has shown no reactivity to dogs outside of the home or to new people.


Buttercup is very tolerant of grooming and care from the vet. It is not known how she would do with cats in the home, but she would do well in a home with kids. She gets excited when meeting people and will jump up, wanting their attention. She is not pushy about it and as soon as you say “off,” she stops jumping. When kids are on the floor or furniture, she goes in for a lap cuddle, and does not jump up during these situations. She has shown no interest in chasing lizards or squirrels in the yard.


Buttercup has recently become potty trained. She will go potty outside on command – “potty” is the magic word. She has not gone inside the house, but her foster family is very vigilant in making sure she is let out to potty every couple hours. She also has not gone potty in her crate and is not left out of her crate if her foster family is not home to supervise her. Not only will she very likely have an accident in the house, but she will investigate and sometimes try to chew on things that have been left on the floor that are not hers. This is why it is best she is confined when alone in the home.


House manners are new to Buttercup and even though she has learned a lot, she will need to be set up for success in continuing to solidify these skills. She used to get anxious when crated, but this has no longer been an issue when she has been left alone in it for 4-5 hours occasionally. She also does better when other dogs are nearby. She would not do well being crated on a regular basis.


She is fantastic in the car and gets excited when the leash comes out. She is very well behaved on her leash and is comfortable wearing a harness. She knows the commands sit, leave it, and come. She would love a fenced yard to give her free time to sunbathe, but it is not a requirement. She also loves hard chew toys!


Princess Buttercup would do best in a home where someone works from home or is only gone for a short time each day. She also would do well going to work with someone. She goes to work with her foster mom most days and behaves perfectly while there. She would benefit from having at least one dog companion who is low key and could give her the confidence as she continues to discover new things.


She is a pretty chill girl and will cuddle with you any chance she can. When sleeping, she snores and really gets into a rhythm! She is super, super affectionate and loves hanging out with her people. She also would be great to take with you to dog friendly places around town.


Buttercup deserves an amazing family who will give her lots of attention and show her that she means everything to them. If this sounds like you, please apply!