Ralphie in South Carolina- ADOPTED!!

We are excited to announce Ralphie has found his forever family!


Ralphie has been adopted by an amazing family in North Carolina. He has two golden retriever siblings, Summer (13) and Teddy (1). He and Teddy will have loads of fun going on walks and playing in their huge back yard! Ralphie is settling in well with his new family.


We are so excited for you! Congratulations Ralphie!

It’s the moment you have all been waiting for…


Drum roll please -  


Ralphie is available for adoption!!!


It’s me! Ralph! I’ve shortened my name for this bio, so I'll seem more mature. I am 35 years old (foster mom said actually 5); I am 100% house trained (what kind of animal do you think I am?!?); and I am down to about 85 MPH! My foster mom said I only sleep when she sleeps or when she leaves the house. I think she’s being dramatic, but I just try to rest up while they’re gone so I can remind them how lazy they are. I’m only looking out for them; after all the Mayo Clinic recommends keeping your heart rate up for 30 minutes per day and what can I say?... I’m a health nut. Foster mom said no apartment living for me; she said when she leaves the house, I wail the sound of my people at the top of my lungs. I’m not sure how she knows that; she must have this place rigged with cameras. 


I REALLY love dogs. Like, foster bro calls me a Stage 5 clinger. He moves, I move. He wants to wrestle? I wanna wrestle! He doesn’t want to? I still want to! He gives me some grumbles asking me to stop but sometimes I forget what he means. Foster mom says I’m a bit socially inept. Ya see, I didn’t get much time with other dogs before now… so, sometimes I don’t realize I’m being relentless and have to be corrected by the humans. In a fur-sibling, I’m looking for someone to match my energy. I need a guy or gal that can keep up with the energizer bunny; you know who that is right? He keeps going and going and going… That’s me, Ralph! 


Foster mom said I have shown a bit of “resource guarding” when it comes to food or toys. For that reason, I need to be fed in my own space. I don’t mind though; I eat quickly so I can get back to my activities! I also generally chew bones separately from the other dogs just to make sure to keep the peace. I have hung out with the 9-year-old neighbor human. I liked him a lot; he ran in the yard, and I chased him, but I did not jump on him. I’m not a bulldozer, I prefer to do a lil jig on my hind legs.


I really LOVE walks and I am doing much better with leash training. One thing I do not like is to wear my harness when I’m hanging out in the house. It makes me a bundle of nerves, so canine nudity must be accepted by your HOA. You know what else I love? The backyard! Foster mom said I need to have a fenced-in yard to play fetch with my special squeaky balls. I really need a place to expel my energy safely; it helps with my nutty behaviors. 


I do have to mention that a couple of weeks ago I woke up with a stiff neck that really hurt! I saw my dogtor (primary vet) and they told me to take it easy and take some drugs for a few days. I did that and I felt much better after 3 days but my foster mom still made me “relax” in my pin (I HATE RELAXING IN MY PIN). On Valentine’s Day, I got to meet the Neurologist. She did a full exam and said that my exam was “unremarkable” (apparently, that’s a good thing). It will be something my forever family needs to keep an eye on because apparently us Frenchies are predisposed to spinal issues (Intervertebral Disc Disease). Right now, I’m doing well and feel great! 


Well guys, it’s been real, and it's been fun… But it hasn't been real fun, typing is boring, and I need to go play.





P.S. None of those feline creatures can live with me; my naughty behavior with resident cats is what landed me at FBV.