Raven in DC- ADOPTED!!

Hello! I am Raven. Nice to meet you!


I am a sweet, fun-loving 8-year-old lady that is ready to start the next episode of my story.

I am not a fussy lady. I don’t care much for toys. I walk well on a leash and I’m potty trained. I don’t mind my crate (Or as I like to call it “Raven’s Haven”-all the best naps happen there!). I don’t mind car rides all that much. Sometimes I get a little nervous (like that driver’s ed teacher with the imaginary brake) but quickly realize it is all fine!

I do, however, NEED TO BE THE ONLY DOG in the house. I don’t mind other dogs if they’re in other places, but my home is my kingdom, and I am the QUEEN!

I like to sit with my people on the couch or when they’re working (I actually prefer to sit ON their feet). It would be really cool if my new human was home to hang out with me, but I get it if you can’t be there full time. That doesn’t bother me. Don’t be alarmed if I use you as a pillow and fall asleep on you with my tongue out. Apparently, there are pictures floating around on the internet of me doing this. PUP-arazzi will do anything for a story. My foster mom isn’t sure if I like kids because she’s not sure if I’ve ever met any.

Foster mom thinks I’d be OK in an apartment or condo. She doesn’t think I absolutely need a fenced in yard. Because who needs a yard when you can do in the house zoomies?

So, what do you say? Need someone to sit on your feet and watch TV with you? Let’s do it! Hit that “APPLY NOW” button and let’s get this show on the road!