Remi in Florida- ADOPTED!

Happy new beginning to our sweet Remi who has been adopted by an amazing new mom and dad. She was ecstatic to meet her new parents on Gotcha Day, and they were just as excited to meet her. They already love her sooo much! Remi is an only dog so she will be getting loads of attention and love. And her folks are retired so they will have plenty of time to spoil her. She has definitely hit the jackpot!


Hey everyone…it’s me…Remi!! I wanted to let everyone know that I am ready to find my forever home so now is your chance to apply! I am a 3-year-old spayed female who is healthy and up to date on all my vaccines. I did have an anal polyp while in rescue but that has since been removed. There is a possibility one could develop again in the future but the one I had removed did test as benign.


I was surrendered to FBV when my last family experienced some life changes and needed to move. My previous home had multiple other dogs and I tend to be an alpha female. I can be pretty bossy and even aggressive at first with other dogs. I do not care for female dogs but have slowly been able to be introduced to the male resident Frenchie. I would be okay with more calm and friendly male dogs after some slow and supervised introduction time has taken place. However, my first preference would be to be an only dog in my forever home.


I am not food aggressive. However, I am a food hog. I will need to be fed separately from other dogs in the home. I also like to be the center of attention so if you are playing and cuddling with the other dogs in the home, you better plan on doing the same with me. I am easy going most of the time. I am happy to entertain myself with my toys until it is time for attention and am happy to just be in the same room as my humans. When not playing, I will go lie down in my crate or playpen which is my safe space.


I have a fun, wiggly clown side. When I get excited, I wiggle my whole rear end (and my tail). My favorite toy is a squeaky and squishy emoji face. It fits nicely in my mouth and when I get nervous, I like to use it as my pacifier. I also like to play fetch with it. Foster mom loves when I share my precious emoji toy with her. She says that it shows I have a big heart because I am willing to share it with her.


I am housebroken and will sit by the door to let my people know when I need to go out. I am pretty good at holding my bladder and bowels but if you fail to take me out when I ask, I will sometimes have an accident in the house. I am also crate trained and leash trained (so I do not require a fenced yard).


I can tolerate someone who works normal hours as long as you are back home after 8 or so hours to give me the love and attention I need and deserve. I cannot take too much heat, so walks in the AM and then in the PM are perfect for me. Depending on the heat, I will not need a walk longer than 5-10 minutes. On cooler mornings or evenings, I can go around the block but am always eager to get back home.


I am a very loving gal. I am always happy and full of smiles. I just want to share my love with my people. I am always eager to give kisses and affection to my loved ones. I love receiving affection in return too so if you are chosen to adopt me, make sure to not skimp on the lovin’. My forever folks will not be disappointed as I know I will bring smiles to their faces every day….it is hard not to smile when you see my whole body wiggle with joy!