RIP Brutus

We received this beautiful tribute to Brutus from his forever mom:


“At exactly 2 PM on Friday November 6th our beloved French Bulldog Brutus peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge.


We laid with our sweet boy as he took his last few breaths before leaving us here on Earth. This morning Brutie had his favorite, McDonald’s cheeseburgers, for breakfast and chased it down with a vanilla ice cream cup. He laid calm and quiet in his oversized doggy bed with his best friend Dairy Cow by his side. His dad and I crowded around him and told him how much we loved him and how grateful we were that he loved us. Brutus held my hand while Dad held his sweet bully head and he drifted off into eternal peace.


My heart has never known such pain. If you were fortunate enough to know Brutie, you knew how big his personality was. Pig snorting and trotting around this house was the soundtrack of our home. Now, you can hear a pin drop. Every room has his toys in them and every blanket smells like him (because he always stole them). I’ll miss watching him from my kitchen window while he rolled around on his back in the grass. I’ll miss the interrupting flatulence while his Dad and I watch our favorite TV shows at night. I’ll miss helping him pick a stuffie every night before helping him into our bed. Most of all…..I’ll miss my shadow. He loved to follow me from room to room all day while I talked to him and sang to him. He loved being Roxie’s big brother and he loved protecting this house and his mom and dad. I know he knows he was loved. I know letting him go was what was best. I just can’t help but feel like the air has been sucked from my lungs and my heart has shattered into a million pieces. My husband lost his very best friend today….and I lost the closest thing I’ve ever known to a child. We did not deserve Brutus….but God I wish I could bring him back.


Thank you @frenchbulldogvillage for approving our application 5 years ago and allowing us to experience Brutus’ beautiful soul. We are so very grateful. He changed our lives for the better and we know we changed his too.”


We are devastated by the news of Brutus passing. It is never easy losing one of our precious foster pups. Our thoughts are with Brutus’ family during this difficult time and we send much love their way.