RIP Ivan

We have some very sad news to share. Ivan’s heart stopped while under anesthesia for a dental and ear packing, and he unfortunately passed away.


We hadn’t chosen a dental lightly especially at his age, but a dental had been recommended for him 2 years ago per past vet records and he had to have over 80% of his teeth removed or there would eventually be other serious health complications for him. We had chosen to remove the rotten teeth, at the recommendation of the vet, to give him a better quality of life.


Even with all of Ivan’s ailments, he was a happy old man who was enjoying his new life at his foster home. He ate up all the attention and enjoyed the company of his foster family and their pack.


His last days were happy. He got to visit a dog park, ate scrambled eggs for breakfast, ate all his new favorite treats, went on walks around the neighborhood and received nightly snuggles on the couch with his foster dad. He was very much loved.


Our hearts are extremely heavy. We appreciate the amazing love and life that his foster family had shown him, and we greatly appreciate all that they did for him all the way until the end when his foster mom drove to the vet’s office to hold him one last time.


Rest in love Ivan.

Please give a warm welcome to Ivan! He is a handsome 12-year-old gentleman who was surrendered by his owner when they no longer had the time to provide the care he needed. He is currently hanging his hat in Texas with a wonderful foster family until he has improved medically.


Ivan came to FBV stinky, shaky, and with overgrown toenails (sadly some toenails were grown into his paw pads). He also came with numerous sores/scabs all over his body – from head to tail and especially in his face folds. Both his eyes have cataracts that hinder his vision, and his hearing seems to be impaired as well.


He has been to the vet and was found to have bacterial and yeast infections in his ears. He also has a bacterial skin infection. He has been prescribed medications for the infections so hopefully these will clear up in no time at all. His shaking, per the vet, is neurological. The vet also found that 80% of his teeth need to be pulled so a dental will be in his future.


Because of Ivan’s skin issues, he has required more frequent baths but no worries…he enjoys them! He is just as sweet as pie and truly loves everyone and everything including his foster fur brothers. He also really loves naps and baby carrots. He is a guy’s dog – obsessed with his foster dad following him everywhere he goes.