RIP Kermit

Unfortunately, we have some bad news.


Friday (9/9/2022), we had to make the decision to help Kermit cross the rainbow bridge.


This wasn’t a decision we made lightly. It was made through tears and many medical opinions. His foster family did an amazing job giving Kermit all the care he could ever need and more.


After his hiatal hernia was repaired, he was doing well for a short time. Then he started to regress. His family tried to help him in so many ways, but he was still losing weight.


With more testing, it was found that Kermit did in fact have megaesophagus. There wasn’t anything that could be done. If the decision wasn’t made, it wouldn’t have been humane. He was slowly starving because of his inability to hold any food down.


We can’t thank his foster family enough. They gave him top of the line medical care. They loved him immensely. They were with him, loving him, when he passed.


Rescue isn’t always easy. We are sorry, Kermit, that we couldn’t fix this for you. Run free with Ms. Piggy. ♥


Kermit is a precious, 5-year-old boy who was, along with Miss Piggy, left overnight in a crate in the parking lot of a veterinary practice that FBV respects immensely and works with often. Luckily a vet tech found them on the way into work. They asked if FBV would take the pair in and of course we did. The vet practice helped with doing the initial medical assessments, but both need more medical care.


Kermit came in massively underweight and under muscled. He couldn’t hold down food or water on his own and needed his foster family to sit him up while eating and drinking. An appointment was made for him to see an internist, but the earliest appointment was two weeks out and Kermit’s foster mom didn’t think he could wait that long given he was really struggling to hold anything down and seemed to be in discomfort. His foster mom decided an ER visit was in order. He was admitted to the hospital and seen by an internist the next morning. He had an ultrasound and a barium swallow study performed which revealed that he has a hiatal hernia. He will require surgery to repair the hernia. He also has a massive soft palate and has trouble breathing when he pants.


His foster family is showering him with lots of love and attention. His foster mom reports that he is incredibly sweet and during his hospital stay, wanted pets from everyone. He doesn’t seem the least bit dog reactive and when he sees kids gets very excited. He is a total love bug!