RIP Piggie

We received some very sad news about Piggie on Sunday, June 27, 2020. Piggie sadly passed away and has left her forever mom completely heartbroken. Here are some words from her mom:


“I am so sad to say that my sweet, sweet Piggie passed yesterday. She was jaundiced and anemic and the vet recommended humane euthanasia as she was old and probably wouldn’t be able to fight off whatever was wrong. 

I was so not ready to make that decision yesterday; she was fine just a couple of days ago. I knew there would come a time soon, but I am absolutely devastated. I adopted her in 2012 as Margaret from SC.”


We are so very sorry to hear about the loss of Piggie. She obviously was very loved by her forever mom and was given an amazing home. RIP Piggie. One day you will see your mom again.