RIP Sweet Gus

We are devastated to announce that Gus has crossed the rainbow bridge. Here are some words from his loving foster mom:

"The past two hours went by way too fast, but it was time for us to let him go. It felt like in a blink of an eye, he was gone. He didn’t suffer; he was as comfortable as possible. I got to hear his Frenchie snores one last time. He finally leaned into Frenchie head rubs while we sat outside for about an hour with a nice breeze as he took a little nap with me saying my goodbyes. He was already thinking about the snuggles my mom will give him at the rainbow bridge (and all the food scraps he’ll get). All the squirrels and balls he can chase. He can eat his weight in peanut butter and be like the Gus Gus he was named after (for those that don’t know, the mouse from Cinderella). In the chaos of the hospital, it was silent. I whispered to him how he was always a good boy, and how he fought like hell; how I’d miss him and how much he was loved by us. Rest In Peace, Gus Gus. In the short time we had together, I will still miss you dearly." ♥♥♥