RIP Will and Pi

FBV lost a dear volunteer and friend. Will was an amazing person and such an awesome advocate for rescues and dogs. It was his wish that FBV take his pups, whom he adopted from us, when he passed. We did without any hesitation and therefore, brought into our care immediately his beloved Poly and Pi.


Poly (brindle pied) came into rescue healthy at 8 years of age and 24 lbs. Unfortunately, Pi (cream) was not looking as healthy as he was 12+ years old and showing the signs of age. He had cataracts and a life-long struggle with regurgitation and needed smaller, more frequent meals. He also was emaciated (and was continuing to lose weight) and found to have pneumonia, anemia, dehydration and other medical issues. He had been to the vet numerous times in the short time with our rescue and was worsening. The vets felt his quality of life was poor and recommended euthanasia. We made the difficult decision to let this sweet boy cross over the Rainbow Bridge to be with his dad who we know was there with opening arms just waiting for Pi to join him.


Despite Pi’s health issues, he was the sweetest boy. He was good with bathing and grooming, rode well in the car, loved sitting on the couch with Poly and his humans, and was a champ at the vet. He also was a registered therapy dog that children read to at the library. He was an amazing boy who will be greatly missed.


Please when thinking about your future and the future care of your pups, consider who you will leave in charge of your pups and their care. Make sure to have a will stating this and ensure they are left with the funds needed to provide for them. It is so very important.


RIP Will and Pi. You will be greatly missed.