Ronaldo in Nevada

Ronaldo was transferred to our friends at Speranza Animal Rescue in Pennsylvania where they can better address his behavioral issues. We are so grateful to Speranza Animal Rescue for taking Ronaldo into their care. You can continue to see how Ronaldo is doing and support this wonderful rescue by checking out their website and following them on Facebook. They are absolutely amazing!

Please welcome Ronaldo to FBV!


Ronaldo is approximately a 2-year-old male who was found tied and abandoned at a dog park with empty food and water bowls. He was found stinky with filthy ears and a severe wound on the side of his face.


Ronaldo’s facial wound is healing quite nicely. He also has a cleft lip and is currently being treated for Giardia. He will need to be neutered as well.


He has not yet met the resident dogs in his foster home, so we are not sure how he is with other dogs. However, he has demonstrated some serious anxiety with collars and leashes. He also is very toy obsessed (but is good about playing by himself) and goes crazy with his food and water bowls. He hates his food bowl and will tip over the water bowl and run around with it. When foster mom tried to get one of the bowls back once, he snapped at her.


Ronaldo can be a sweetheart but because of his behavior issues, he does already have an appointment lined up to work with a trainer. We want to make sure that we set this cutie up for success.