Rosie in Virginia— ADOPTED!!

Rosie has moved on from rescue and is now living life to the fullest in her forever home. She was adopted by a wonderful family with 4 human kiddos and a doggie who are already madly in love with her. We cannot wait to see updates on how this sweet gal is thriving in her forever home!


Rosie is 2 years old and absolutely loves life! She came to the Village with intestinal worms and an anal prolapse, which was her third one. She had surgery while under our care as it was severe. She also was treated for the intestinal worms.


Rosie gets along with everyone and everything! Her foster mom does not foresee her having any issues with any other types of animals. However, she does prefer to be the one in charge. She also loves people more than animals. She is NOT aggressive in terms of trying to be a pack leader but is an absolute brat. 🙂 She will stand in between her foster sibling dogs and the toy box, or if Rosie is on her foster mom’s lap and a resident dog comes to her, she will stand on her foster mom blocking the other dog from her. Foster mom immediately corrects her and puts her down and gives the attention to the resident dog to let Rosie know she is in charge. With all that being said, she would be best with a submissive dog or even an only dog IF her new owners are active with her, allow her on the couch and bed, etc.


Rosie’s personality is a social butterfly as long as she is the main attraction. She is an absolute clown, happy camper, mischief maker, a leader, an athlete and a snuggle bug. She is smart but VERY stubborn and beats to her own drum. She does listen but there are times she will look at you (tongue out) and keep doing what she’s doing/ignore your commands. She is dominant, active, and laid back but would prefer daily exercise…nothing too serious but she LOVES to play. She also has a “baby” (toy) that is her pride and joy and doesn’t like to be without it for long. It’s like her security blanket.


Aside from her “baby” she plays with no other toys. She does like a good bone to chew and to play fetch, though. She loves being outside and playing with her foster sisters and humans. She also loves sitting on the couch with her humans. She adores being touched and is an absolute Velcro Frenchie.


She has no food aggression but doesn’t like another dog by her “baby”. If another dog gets too close or acts like they are going to take it, she will get fussy. However, she doesn’t mind if her foster mom takes her “baby” or moves it to prevent her fussiness.


Rosie’s ideal home would be with another dog who is submissive or on her own with very attentive and active owners. A fence is highly recommended for the simple fact that there are times she is stubborn and won’t come to you when called and because she likes to run up to cars coming up the driveway and won’t stop.


She has no current ongoing health issues. She is housebroken and leash trained. It is unknown if she is crate trained. She knows the command to “come.” While she does not need a person who is all day or someone who works but can come home at lunch or provide her a midday potty break, it is preferred.


Rosie is her foster mom’s “tongue out Tuesday” every day! She is happy and is full of personality. She’s loyal and gentle to her humans and loves hard. One thing that she does that is funny is when she is very excited, she will make a noise that sounds like she is saying “yack yack yack”… no kidding! Her foster mom loves when she picks her up and her back is on her chest...she will lean her head back and look up at her with the sweetest face! OH and the girl will spray nose liquid on you at all times. It’s hilarious!


Rosie is Frenchie GOLD. She is what everyone wants in a dog. She is friendly, happy, funny, and such a good dog! She’s a spoiled baby and would love to continue to be spoiled. Rosie didn’t come from a place of love so now that she knows what it is, she gives it hard and wants it in return all the same. She is so special and deserves a life filled with adventure and cuddles!