Roxanne in Florida- ADOPTED!!

Roxanne has been adopted!!! She has a wonderful new mom who is completely smitten with her. She also has a doggie sibling who is 3 years old. Her new mama is home all day with her except when she has to run errands which Roxanne is loving! She is getting soooo much attention and love. Congratulations to Roxanne and her forever family!


Roxanne is ready to find her forever!! She is a beautiful 6 to 7-year-old little lady who was surrendered by a breeder. She is friendly and gets along with most people and dogs. However, there are the occasional dogs that she just doesn’t like for whatever reason. She has not been around small children so a home with older children would be best.


Due to the numerous c-sections that Roxanne had in her life, she suffered from left hydronephrosis (excess urine accumulation in a kidney(s) that causes swelling of the kidneys) and hydroureter (enlarged ureter due to a backup of urine) resulting in the need for a nephrectomy (removal of a kidney). With one kidney, she will require a special diet (Hills k/d- just under $100) and regular blood work (every 6 months- around $130) to check her kidney function for the remainder of her life. Her exercise and hydration (it is essential she does not become dehydrated) must be closely monitored. Roxanne also, while in rescue, had a hernia repair and removal of a small tumor that was found to be a grade II, low grade mast cell tumor.


Several short walks a day is a must for this gal! Due to her kidney issue, she will need a low energy human companion but would do okay with a low or high energy dog in her new home as she will let the other dog know when she is done playing. Please keep in mind, though, that she can be quite persistent when she wants to play with another dog so your dog will need to be tolerant of this. Roxanne loves to be outside and sunbathe (so a fenced yard would be best for her), but she must be watched so that she doesn’t overheat and become dehydrated. She can be very silly when it comes time to take a walk and will do her happy dance when her harness comes out! She is both leash-trained and housebroken. And although she is crate trained, she does not love it.


Someone who is home with Roxanne all day would be ideal but numerous visits from a dog walker for short walks would work too. She would do best in a stable home as she was in numerous homes before coming into rescue. A family who does not travel much or can take her with them would be ideal.


This little lady is one smart cookie. She knows the commands, sit, stay, leave it and come. Also, like any Frenchie, she can be stubborn. If she is not done with her sunbathing (or whatever she may be doing) and you call her to “come,” she will look at you like you should rearrange your priorities. Roxanne loves squeaky toys and bones/antlers. Her all time favorite thing, though, is to lie on her back and get a belly rub.