Roxy in Georgia— ADOPTED!!

Roxy has been adopted by a wonderful couple! As you can see from all the smiles in the pictures, Roxy and her new parents are thrilled to be a family. They cannot wait to start this new chapter of their lives loving each other and sharing lots of adventures together!

Roxy is 4 years old and came from a home where she was crated most of the day. She was used to being alone - without kids, other dogs, or cats. Her owner worked long hours and rarely got to spend time with her. The owner decided to surrender Roxy so she could find a forever home where she would receive more attention. Roxy came to rescue with bilateral ear infections which were successfully treated. She also came with no obedience training and no potty training.


She has no ongoing health issues. She is crate trained and knows the commands “sit,” “stay,” “fetch” and “come.” She prefers a home with a fenced yard, but it is not required. Roxy also prefers to be an only dog but has shown that she can tolerate other small, submissive dogs if she has a strong human leader who has experience with resource guarding. She is a Velcro dog and has a very dominant personality - she tends to be very bossy and has claimed her foster mom, in particular, as "hers.” She doesn’t dislike men but does prefer women. She responds and follows obedience commands better when coming from a female.


Roxy exhibits resource guarding with food. When Roxy first came to her foster home, she fought with the resident Frenchie over some food that fell onto the floor. When her foster family tried to put food into her bowl, she barked and lunged at their hands. She will bark and lunge at any animal who comes close to her food so it is a MUST that she be fed separately and inside a crate if adopted to a home with other dogs. Treats will not be able to be given to her and other dogs at the same time if Roxy is not crated. Her person will need to avoid allowing dogs near her crate as she eats, or she will bark at them. If her forever home has children, they MUST be dog savvy children ages 13+ that understand human hands CANNOT touch Roxy’s food bowl while she is in the vicinity of the bowl.


Roxy does not have a history of biting - only barking loudly and lunging. In addition, she only guards food and special toys. With respect to the toys, she only guards toys from other animals, NOT humans. All the adults and children in the foster home are easily able to take toys from Roxy's mouth in order to play with her, but Roxy will not allow another animal near her toys. Also, Roxy likes to chew things. If she is not given proper toys to promote healthy chewing, she will then chew up personal items when not supervised. She is especially fond of shoes, socks, jackets, sweaters, small toys, cardboard, and anything left within her reach. Roxy acts a lot like a puppy - she is full of energy and loves to chew! Her mantra is "no toy left behind.” If her new owners are not diligent about keeping prized items out of her reach - especially off of the floors - then Roxy will make a chew toy out of just about anything.


Roxy is partially housebroken....when she came into rescue, she was not potty trained at all. She would urinate and defecate all over the house without any protocol in place. Now, Roxy is on a potty schedule. Her foster family has found that she is unable to hold her urine for as long as the resident dogs. She really needs to be let out every 3 hours in order to avoid accidents. She will urinate and defecate in her crate, although that is not her preference. She would benefit from an owner who is home during the day, because she truly needs to be able to go out during work hours. At the least, she needs someone who works but can come home at lunch or have a pet sitter/dog walker come midday. Roxy will now give subtle cues when she needs to go outside. She will look at her foster family, and then look at the outside door. Other times, she will look at the family and then walk to the door. If they are in the living area, and Roxy gets off one of their laps, they know that she likely has to go potty. They take her outside every three hours to prevent accidents, but accidents do still occur. If you are not attending to Roxy fully (such as when you're cooking or cleaning), she may wander off and potty somewhere in the house. It is best to take her outside prior to dividing your attention from her whereabouts or crate her if you cannot be attentive to her subtle potty cues.


Roxy is a very active dog. She loves to play fetch and go for walks. When she came to rescue, she had no obedience training at all and would nip at hands when she wanted attention or to play. With a little training, she now rarely nips at her foster family’s hands anymore, and if she does, she will quit when they say, "NO!" Roxy is a Velcro dog; she follows her foster Mommy EVERYWHERE. She wants to help with all cleaning, cooking, and T.V. watching. She's the best cuddle bug around - once she's tired out from a game of fetch or a good walk. She's smaller than the average Frenchie at just 16 lbs, so she's the perfect size to cuddle in your lap. Roxy is a total diva and wants to be the center of attention.


Her favorite thing to do is to fetch a plastic set of keys. She will run, fetch, and repeat until she is exhausted. Roxy likes a tiny stuffed moose that was intended for the resident 7-year-old child. She has made the beanie moose into her "kill,” and likes to take it in her mouth and shake it from side to side...then toss it in the air and chase after it. Roxy is also infatuated with cat toys. She LOVES to toss any kind of catnip mouse into the air and chase after it - like a game of fetch for one! She likes walks in the neighborhood, but she is not completely used to being on a leash and will sometimes pull on her leash instead of letting her owner guide her. For this reason, it is imperative that she use a harness for walks. Roxy would benefit from further leash training in her forever home.


Roxy is a phenomenal dog...she is very sweet and loving. She has a difficult time understanding that food that falls onto the floor in the kitchen and food for other animals is not explicitly HERS, though. Roxy must go to an owner who does NOT have small children or other dogs...or someone with other dogs who is experienced in resource guarding and will be patient and work with her. Protocols must be maintained to keep other dogs away from Roxy's food bowl at all times. All pet food MUST be kept in a crate without the possibility of Roxy entering; if a crate is left open, Roxy will eat all of the food in another dog's food bowl very quickly. All crates MUST be kept closed at ALL times.


She tolerates the other animals in her foster home, but they do not seem to like her very much due to her guarding issues...she has earned the name of “bully” with the resident animals. Due to fear, they mostly avoid her...they won’t play with her or sit with her long even with the humans around. Roxy is not possessive of lap space and does NOT growl at the animals who come close to her foster humans. However, her loud barking and lunging at the food bowl and in the kitchen have made her dominant presence intolerable to the resident cats and dogs.


Roxy makes cute piggy noises when she's playing and doesn't snore very much at all - she's a relatively quiet Frenchie while sleeping. She has ADORABLE face wrinkles and sweet, smiling eyes. She always follows her foster mom around the house - she wants to be a part of every dishwashing adventure and cleaning endeavor - she's the perfect companion if you like a Velcro dog. Beware of doing laundry with Roxy, though - she will steal articles of clothing and take them away to be chewed up - her favorite items are thin sweaters and socks!


She is a tiny Frenchie....she looks and behaves much like a puppy. Her foster family is pretty sure that she thinks she *IS* a puppy. She just recently turned 4 years old while in foster care, so she is young and very energetic. Her fur is really soft, and she is very fond of cuddling on the couch. Her face is completely adorable, and she is very easy to love! Roxy lived in a home where her owner was unable to give her very much attention; it's time for her to be with a family who can give her the attention that her diva heart deserves. If you feel that is your family and you MEET HER REQUIREMENTS, please apply!