Ruby in Maryland- ADOPTED!

Heyyyyyy!! I’m Ruby and I am looking for my forever home and I heard you were looking for a forever fur baby. Voila! I am 3 years old and about 29 pounds (ladies never like to disclose this).


I like people. I mean I REALLLLLY like people. I have been described as a “rambunctious” greeter. Foster mom says I am inappropriate at times in meeting new people and dogs. I just get so darn excited that I don’t mind my manners (and sometimes tinkle in excitement). I also will give aggressive kisses- meaning I will lick your face like it was covered in bacon! All tongue and teeth with my kisses! Oh, I don’t like girl dogs or big dogs. They irk me to no end.


My foster mom says I would do best if I was with a laid-back small, boy dog. I like to snuggle with my foster people. I like both men and women. I am not a fan of the real little humans though, so let’s avoid this situation. I wouldn’t want to forget my manners and scare one by jumping on them.


I REALLY like to walk and run. I bet you didn’t know they gave certificates for athletes like me. It’s called FCAT or FastCat. I am so good in this sport; I earned one of those certificates!


I REALLY like to chase cats, squirrels, bunnies and what-not. It might be best if you already have any of these, to keep them out of my sight. I’m great on a leash but if I see a chasable critter…. All bets are off. I hope you wore your running shoes and can keep up. Did I mention that I love to run after things?


I don’t mind some grooming either. I don’t mind my face being cleaned. I don’t mind a good brushing. However, I do mind getting my nails trimmed. I am not sure what sort of back-woods witchery invented nail trimming but it’s a hard no for me. I need to go to the vet and let the professionals take care of this! I usually don’t need to be bothered with this because my walks keep my nails at a pretty length.


Oh, I loathe a crate or a gate if other dogs are around. To be clear….loathe it. I will jump and bark in frustration if other dogs are around. Foster mom puts me in a crate in a room where other dogs can’t get to me and I’m OK with that.


I am housebroken!!! Whooo!!! I like a good, squeaky toy and chew toys. I don’t mind sharing if you have another fur baby. I also am very smart and know the commands to sit, stay, down, come and leave it.


So what do you say? Wanna walk with me for the rest of my life?