Run Free Dottie

A beautiful tribute written by Dottie’s foster momma:

Yesterday, our family lost one of our own. Our amazing, beautiful hospice girl, Dottie, crossed the bridge. Dottie came into our world in 2013 after being returned into rescue. She was full of spunk despite multiple health issues. She had a malformed spine which caused mobility issues and later led to complete immobility and incontinence. She was a two time cancer survivor and loved everyone and all dogs. She became the resident belly licker and ear cleaner which her siblings would bully each other out of the way for a turn. She did her best to keep up with her canine siblings during play until her condition declined and her little body could no longer carry her. Then she would bark along as they romped around the house. What she lacked in the use of her legs, she made up for with her lungs barking to let us know her every need. She would bark for water, bark and look at the couch wanting assistance to get on the couch so she could snooze. She battled chronic UTI’s for the past 2 years and we were managing those, but she was becoming more and more uncomfortable, panting heavily and unable to rest especially at night. So after a rough night, we took her to get her first cheeseburger and ate it by the ocean. She got to put her paws in the sand and enjoy the ocean breeze before visiting her vet. It wasn’t cancer, immobility, or even a UTI, it was her heart that was finally failing her. She had beaten all the odds and survived so many other health issues making it to 11 or 12 years old, an average frenchie life span. We were blessed that she lived around the same age as most frenchies that had led healthy lives. She passed peacefully and we are grateful to have been blessed with her beautiful smile, and unconquering spirit despite any disability. She was a true inspiration, never seeing herself disabled. I can imagine that she is finally running on all fours, greeting all those who have gone before her. RIP pied princess, we love you❤️