Run Free, Maggie Pie

We received an email today from Maggie Pie’s forever home, letting us know that she has crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Maggie was one of the EC-12 girls. The EC-12 were former breeding dogs that were surrendered to the Village. They had lived their lives confined to crates and so when they came to us – they had never walked in the sunshine or rolled in the grass before. We are so thankful to Maggie Pie’s adoptive home for showing her what it is like to be loved and treasured and treated like the little princess that she deserved to be. Here is the memorial from her mom:

“MaggiePie was only with me a short time (about a year and a half), yet I can’t measure how much joy she brought me. I was blessed to give this old gal a home and lots of love. I will miss the way she literally squealed like a little toddler and came running when she heard me come home from work. I will miss her little ferocious howl, which only happened when she heard my other dog bark at something — she felt she needed to do her part. I will miss her little moan in the middle of the night that let me know she wanted to get up in bed with me. I will miss picking her up and snuggling my nose against her soft cheek. I will miss her curled up on my lap when I watch TV.

Rest in Peace at the Rainbow Bridge Maggie Pie. I’ll see you soon!”