Run Free Vito

We received some very sad news from the forever family of Vito, a FBV alum.

“I don’t know what to write really. He was such a strong boy. He came to us unable to walk and ended up hiking mountain trails. He loved being outside and on the water and we’d always joke that he was a lab in a Frenchie body. We feel so lucky to have been his parents. He was available for adoption for such a long time without getting many applications because of his handicap. He never let his inability to walk get in the way of having fun. We hope his story encourages people to adopt the dog most everyone overlooks. Vito changed our lives forever and we will never be the same without him.”

Please help us send Vito’s family much love and heartfelt condolences. Godspeed Vito. Run Free. You will always be loved and never forgotten.