Sansa in Texas- ADOPTED!!

Sansa has been adopted by a lovely family which includes a wonderful mom and dad, three human siblings and one Frenchie sister. Her new family has quite a bit of experience with brachycephalic breeds as they have had two pugs in the past and Sansa is their third Frenchie. Sansa is fitting into her new home very well and is already loved tremendously. We couldn’t be more excited that Sansa is such a great fit for her new family!

Hey world!!! My name is Sansa, and I am currently residing in Texas. I am a beautiful 6.5-year-old gal who is ready to find her forever!


I was surrendered by a breeder and at the time I came into rescue had some seasonal allergies and mild constipation. Those issues have been addressed and currently I am healthy and taking no medications.


I love people!!! I get along with people of all ages. I am not scared or shy of anyone…big, small, male, or female; I will mosey up to anyone and request to be petted. In my foster home, I live with a toddler, teenagers, adults, and another Frenchie. I am very tolerant of the toddler and hyperactive resident Frenchie if I do say so myself. I do not have any food or toy aggression. I prefer to just turn away and not engage with my foster fur sibling when human food is dropped on the floor. Scuffles are not my jam!


I would say I am much more of a follower than a leader. But while I am calm and laid back, I do have a mischievous side that includes chewing on baby toys when I think no one is watching. When caught red-handed, though, I will quickly skedaddle from the toy in question! I do get occasional spurts of energy and will be very playful. I am not one to start the playing but will go along with it if someone else initiates it. I enjoy trotting along with my foster family on short walks around the neighborhood. However, given my potato shape and short snout, I can’t go too far.


Okay…I’m going to be honest…here is a bit of a downfall of mine. I am only partially housebroken. Despite being let outside frequently and going multiple days without an accident, after so long I like to go a leave a puddle somewhere. It keeps my foster mom on her toes! 🙂 Foster mom is trying to teach me to ring one of those bells when I need to go outside but I have yet to ring it. Maybe my new family will have some luck getting me to ring it 🙂 or NOT!! Haha! Let me tell you, though, I am truly a good girl because I will not potty in the room I share with the resident Frenchie at night and when my family is gone during the day. So see…I really do have it going on!


I am leash trained and crate trained (though I would rather not be crated). I am super smart; I already know the commands sit, leave it, and come and am willing to learn more if you want me to. I don’t need a fenced yard but heck what dog wouldn’t want one if given the chance.


I am a true Velcro Frenchie; I want nothing more than to cuddle up with my humans and follow them all around the house. I’d be okay as an only dog in my forever home as long as I get lots of human attention, but I also wouldn’t mind a home with another fur friend to hang with. I hear I am pretty good at playing tug-of-war and wrestling with my foster fur sister!


The thing I love most in this world is lounging on the couch with my foster family and watching TV. I will find a crevice in the sofa (preferably one that is close to a hand to pet me) and just squeeze myself right in! I am good staying there until I am told it is time to get up or go outside. I really enjoy being petted so my ideal home has to give me lots of love and frequent pets!


I must tell you that I am a very loyal and loving Frenchie! It doesn’t take me long to warm up to people and I adjust quickly to routines. I enjoy being part of a family and everything they do and have been told I am quite the sweetheart!