Shelby Moon in Georgia- ADOPTED!

Wooohooo! I am available! Yeah, you heard that right, I am looking for my forever home.


My name is Shelby Moon, and I am 4 years old. I was found tied to a car door in Georgia and taken in by a shelter before coming into the care of FBV. I am pretty healthy with only mild allergy issues. Care will need to be taken to monitor my reactivity to the environment and seasons to minimize my itchiness, though. I also had my nares widened while in rescue to help me breathe better.


I currently live with another dog and cats. I mostly ignore cats and don’t mind hanging out with and sleeping next to the resident cats. I have not been the instigator of any aggression or resource guarding with the dogs in my foster home, but I am not good at respecting other dogs’ space which has gotten me into trouble. I have gotten into a few small squabbles with the resident dog who is a resource guarder when I took a chew right out of her mouth. As I said, I didn’t instigate the squabbles, but I also didn’t back down either. With verbal correction from my people, though, I did stop immediately and go to my bed for a time-out.


As for kids, I need a home with older children as I do jump up and/or scratch at people for attention and I wouldn’t want to accidentally hurt a little human. My foster family has been working on this, but I will need continued training in my new home. I also am an opportunist with food and will likely not hesitate to take food from a child.


I would describe myself as a low-energy kind of gal but could keep up with an active family too. Right now, my walks are pretty short, and I ride in a stroller for part of the way. However, with conditioning and the right weather, I could walk a few miles at a brisk pace. I do pretty well on a leash but could use a little more training to improve my skills. I would also really love a fenced yard, but it is not required.


I love meeting new people but can be a little timid. I also love going on new adventures including ones in the car. Some other things I enjoy are playing with my dog friends, stuffed toys, Himalayan chews, napping in the grass, and a little kiddie pool time when it is warm outside.


Hmm…now I guess it is time to talk pottying. So, some may say I am housebroken, but others may disagree. You see I only like to pee in my bed in the house. My foster mom feels this is more of a marking issue, though, and less of a housebreaking issue. Maybe one day I will stop doing this but maybe I won’t. Only time will tell. I really would do best, too, with a midday potty break if my new family works outside of the home.


I also have some separation anxiety and if left out alone will get into a bit of trouble. I like to unload bins/boxes…especially the toy boxes in my foster home. After the boxes, I will find less appropriate things to get into like shredding plastic stuff. I am fine being crated, if need be, but it is not something that I am doing regularly in my foster home.


I am the perfect package if I don’t mind saying so. I am incredibly happy, playful and pretty darn smart. I am a quick learner of commands and already know the commands to sit, stay and come. I think it would be really cool bonding with a new family at some obedience classes! I also am a Velcro dog and absolutely love attention (I’ll even push other pets out of the way to be the one getting all the attention…and I’m not ashamed to admit it). I love snuggling with my people on the couch, but am content hanging out nearby them, too, while they tend to other household duties.


My foster mom wanted to have a chance to tell everyone a bit about me in her own words, so here goes: “Despite having been let down by humans in her recent past, Shelby remains incredibly loving and devoted to her people. She wants nothing more than to shower you with love and affection and do things that make you happy. She's pretty sensitive to correction and really wants to do the right thing--sometimes it's a little hard. With lots of positive reinforcement and gentle guidance, she can be the perfect dog. She has so much love to give.”


If you feel like you and me could share an amazing life together and you can give me what my foster mom so wants me to have in a new home, please apply. I will give you more love than you could ever ask for!