Simba in Massachusetts- ADOPTED!!

Simba was adopted by a fantastic family! He is thrilled to have a place to call his forever home. We are super excited for Simba and his new family.

Yay…it is adoption time for Simba! He is 2 years old and has the face and mentality of a forever puppy.


He was surrendered in December by a very loving family, with an older son and a new baby. They had been working with their vet to try to resolve Simba’s chronic and severe skin condition with multiple medications. With the new baby and the treatments being time consuming and not working, they had to make the extremely difficult decision to surrender him to FBV rescue to get him the care that he needed.


As you can see from his photos, he has responded well to a prescription diet, daily wipes, ear medication/cleanser, Cytopoint injections and Simparico Trio. His hair is almost done growing back now, and he is not even itchy other than the occasional ear infection. When this does happen, his foster family promptly gets right on top of it! His treatments will need to be kept up with daily and his diet will also need to be continued. His skin must be monitored very closely because it changes like the weather. A new spot can pop up if you look at him wrong. He is a very sensitive guy, but his foster family seems to have figured out what works for him and now he is even more handsome.


He likes kids but would do better with older kids that would run around with him. Sometimes he gets a little crazy and might be too much for the littles (not on purpose). He definitely likes boys. He’s rough and tough, but he also loves to snuggle and is very much a Velcro dog. He is always touching another dog or a person when he is sleeping. He sleeps more than he plays, so he isn’t crazy all the time. When he is on, he is on, and he does bark. He doesn’t bark all the time though just when he plays. If you had a condo or apartment, it could annoy the neighbors. He is not good at stopping when you say “no.” He barks at your finger. He just gets so excited!


He is house-trained but will urinate on blankets or beds sometimes. His foster family hasn’t been able to figure out why he does that, but it seems behavioral. He will not do it in his crate. He seems to do it in spurts, and he will do it right next to you. He isn’t the best about asking to go out so continued work on this will be needed in his forever home.


He definitely needs a house with other dogs. Friends are his favorite. If you haven’t figured it out yet, he loves to play. He isn’t the best with introductions, and his dog manners aren’t the best. He may need some help with that if you don’t have forgiving dogs. He is willing to be the submissive though.


He is fine on a leash and wouldn’t need a fenced yard, but it would be nice for him to get his zoomies out. He is sometimes goofy on the leash but is very capable. He knows basic commands and is gentle with treats.


He loves hard and plays hard. It will just take someone very dedicated to manage his lifelong daily skincare.