Simon in California— ADOPTED!!

Congratulations to Simon and his new family! Simon is now home and being loved by a new mom and two human siblings. He is fitting in like he has always been part of the family and is being completely spoiled especially since he is an only pet. We are absolutely thrilled for Simon and his family!

Simon is a 2.5-year-old male French Bulldog who came to foster care after his previous family could not attend to his needs. They both worked and had small children to attend to; therefore, they were unable to provide Simon the attention he needed or the time to work with him on potty training. In his previous home, he would have random potty accidents, mostly overnight. Also, his big strong arms and legs could prove to be hurtful to small children when jumping and playing.


Simon gets along great with all men, women, and children he meets. He does better with older children as he can be too rough at times for young, small children. When excited, Simon will jump up on people. He also likes to try to fit your whole hand in his mouth when he sees you. That's his way of showing you just how much he missed you. He barks and shows some anxiety when seeing large dogs but plays well with small dogs.


Simon is a sweet and happy camper; he has an easy, go with the flow attitude. He is submissive and has a mix of an active and laid-back personality. He likes relaxing on the patio to soak up the sun but also likes going for walks a couple times a day. He does really well on car rides and enjoys snuggling up on the couch. He is an early bird who loves waking up early to get the day started, no matter what time he goes to bed.


The ideal home for Simon would be a loving one with people who are always home with him….and preferably one with all adults or older children. A family who is able to include Simon on family outings and car rides as well as take him on walks for exercise would be great too. He requires frequent potty breaks outdoors to prevent accidents in the home so he will need a family who is available to take him on potty breaks multiple times throughout the day. While he will go into a crate when requested, he gets separation anxiety when you are out of sight and will begin to cry. He would do best with a family who can dedicate the time to play with him and work on potty training, and who enjoys relaxation time on the couch. Simon is a velcro dog and needs someone who is ready to accept all the love he has to give. He has the cutest under bite smile that is one of a kind. The silliest thing he does is grab your hand with his mouth, gently holding on to you, as a way to say he's missed you. It's almost as if he's trying to put your whole hand in his mouth. He is also quite the dog model and will stare at the camera as you take his photo.


Simon is an extremely sweet and loving dog who is so deserving of a home that can match the level of love he has to give. He is so grateful to be next to you and to be included in family activities. He demonstrates his appreciation with licks and snuggles. He melts the hearts of everyone he meets.