Sky in New York– ADOPTED!!

Way to go Sky!!!


Sky has found an amazing furever home with a new mom and dad, two human brothers, two doggie siblings and two bird siblings. Her mom works in veterinary medicine, so we know our sweet girl is in good hands. Sky is already very loved and is getting more attention than she could have ever dreamed of receiving.


We couldn’t be more thrilled for Sky and her new family. We know that they are going to share many fantastic memories together over the years!

Sky is a beautiful 1 year, 5-month-old female who was surrendered by her family when she began having seizures and they were no longer able to provide her the care she needed. Sky was seen by a neurologist while in her previous home and was diagnosed with epilepsy. Currently, the meds prescribed at that time are helping to control her seizures and she is just being managed by a general veterinarian. However, if her seizures worsen in the future, she will need to see a neurologist again.


While Sky’s seizures are controlled, there are occasions when she still has breakthrough seizures. Her last couple seizures appeared to be brought on by the stress of her being spayed. There are two medications (Clorazepate and Midazolam) prescribed for her to take after having a seizure; Clorazepate is a tablet (1 tablet is given every 8 hours for 48 hours following a seizure), and Midazolam is administered intra-nasally [following one seizure (or during an active seizure), she is to be given .5 mL intra-nasally once an hour for three doses]. Daily, she takes Keppra (1 tablet every 8 hours) and K-BroVet (1 mL of liquid solution every 12 hours).


Sky has demonstrated no temperament issues in her foster home. She is a pleaser who just wants to make people happy. She is great at feeding time and will just sit and wait to be fed (she doesn’t even wait right under your feet). She also is good with children except she gets very excited at first and jumps. She will calm down and not jump with reminders though. She is a very submissive playmate with other animals, showing no toy or food aggression. She loves playing with other dogs and gets along with cats, too. Given her personality, her introduction into her foster home and to new things has gone very well. The couple things that Sky doesn’t care for are getting her nasal medication after a seizure and getting drops/cleaner put in her ears.


She is housebroken, crate trained, and leash trained. She also knows the commands leave it, sit, down, stay and come. Sky would prefer a home with a fenced yard and someone who is home most of the day, but neither are required. She does, however, require someone who can give her seizure medication to her 3 times a day.


Sky does have a slight mischief side. She is a chewer, so you really have to watch her around things, especially plants. She seems to put everything in her mouth no matter what it is…sticks, wood, rocks, any plant, drink coasters, plastic picture frames, buttons…if it is in reach and she has a free second, she will try to eat it. She is smart and listens very well so will stop when you tell her “no,” “leave it” or “drop it” but also waits for her opportunity.


She can be quite active. She loves to run and play tug; however, she does tend to go with the energy in the house. She prefers to be near you so if you’re chilling on the couch, she will be right there with you...most likely right on top of you as she loves to cuddle. This girl does not know personal space! She has quite the goofy side, gives the most dramatic looks and loves to sleep in the most random positions.


Sky needs a home who will be able to manage her seizures. She also would love a home with a fur sibling with whom she can play.