Snoop in Louisiana- ADOPTED!!

Yay! Snoop is ready to find his forever home! He is a sweet 5-year-old guy who was surrendered to FBV by his owner due to chronic skin and ear issues.


Snoop does not currently live with cats but did briefly in the first foster home where he stayed. He appeared to know when to leave them alone, but it is not certain how he would do living with them on a regular basis. He lives with other small dogs and does well with them. However, he has shown some reactivity when seeing other dogs, especially larger ones, when out and about. He will REQUIRE slow introductions when entering his forever home if there are resident dogs. If you don’t have other dogs, that’s okay too. Snoop would be great as an only dog, getting all the attention and love for himself. When it comes to children, Snoop would do best with kids who are 10 years and older and those who are dog savvy.  


Snoop has shown that he does not tolerate the heat as well as some other Frenchies, so he will need to be monitored when it is hot and when exercising. He also has environmental and food allergies which in the past have led to some skin infections. He went through a food trial of Royal Canin HP (Hydrolyzed Protein) with much improvement noted. Now his foster home is working on introducing one single novel protein at a time to get him off the prescription diet for long-term. Snoop also gets a Cytopoint injection every 4-6 weeks to help control his environmental allergies and he takes a couple different supplements, one being a probiotic.


He has shown no resource guarding towards food or toys (but was taught the house rules upon coming to his foster home- you cannot have what another dog is actively enjoying). He was also fed separately when he arrived in his current foster home but now eats in the same room as the other dogs without issue. He is tolerant of baths, nail grinding and wipes of the ears. However, when having his face cleaned, he will show his teeth a bit to express his displeasure.


Snoop will have spurts of energy but runs out of gas pretty quickly. He is perfectly content to go for a short walk (weather permitting) or just romp around in the backyard; then he comes back inside to a dog bed and naps most of the day. Snoop likes bones/toys to chew on, but he is especially a fan of stuffies that he can suckle on…he will spend lots of time sucking and kneading a stuffed toy and then will take a nap with it still in his mouth. He also will find a toy when he first wakes in the morning to take outside with him…though, it doesn’t always find its way out the door with him.


He is only partially house-trained. Initially upon coming into his foster home, he did try to mark several pieces of furniture but that has since improved. He also is finally starting to give an indication that he needs to go out to potty, but this will require continued work. He does better when he is on a frequent potty schedule.


Snoop would not be great living in an apartment due to his barking when alone, howling along with sirens he hears, and his reactivity to other dogs. He also would prefer a fenced yard as he likes to wander around and take in all the smells as well as rolling in the grass and doing zoomies occasionally. He does well riding in cars, though…just chills in his car seat.


He wants to be around his people ALL THE TIME…and touching them if sitting on the couch with them. He LOVES sleeping in bed with his people and would really love to continue this in his forever home. Just a warning, though, he snores with gusto…usually with his head as close to your ear as he can get!


He also doesn’t love when his peeps leave home but has done better with having his crate next to where the resident dogs stay. He has been less vocal and calms down more quickly. He is crated in his foster home for safety reasons and would do okay being confined to a room but has shown he is agile enough to jump over a single gate so being confined to a room with this alone will not be enough. He will require two gates (one stacked above the other) or the door to be closed to prevent escape.


While Snoop is crate trained, he does not really love being crated and away from his people. He will go in his crate, especially when treats are involved, and has only had accidents in it when he has gotten very anxious. In the perfect situation, Snoop would do best with a person who is home all day or with a person who could take him to their place of work as he stresses when alone. He might do okay with doggy daycare as well. Snoop is also leash trained. He will pull a bit when he sees other dogs but takes correction pretty well.


Snoop has great manners when meeting new people…in and outside of the home. He doesn’t jump on people but can be a bit pushy about getting attention. He takes food and treats very gently and will sit patiently waiting for both. He tends to be the enforcer when it comes to the resident dogs in his foster home. If one seems to be getting anxious or annoyed with another, he will push into the middle of the group and try to defuse any tension. He will lick the ears of any pup that seems upset until they are calm again.


Snoop is such a sweet boy who just wants people to love him and give him lots of attention. He is very easy-going (as long as you don’t leave him alone), loves meeting new people and just chilling with you wherever you are. If he sounds like the guy for you, please apply!