Sophie in Colorado– ADOPTED!!

Sophie has been adopted by a wonderful family. She has a new mom, dad, human brother, doggie sister and even a turtle sister. She is already very loved and spoiled by all her humans, and they are absolutely thrilled that they were chosen to be her forever family! We couldn’t be happier for this new family and cannot wait to see all the new adventures they share together.

Sophie is a beautiful 2.5-year-old female Frenchie who was very loved in her previous home but was surrendered due to having issues with going potty in the house. Despite being evaluated by multiple veterinarians with her previous owner and by one of our veterinary specialists, no medical explanation for her potty accidents has been found. Her previous owners also had no success with trainers. Sophie was just started on a medicine by the veterinary specialist that is supposed to help with overactive bladder to see if it makes a difference in her urinating in the house. However, it is unclear if her accidents in the house will improve or if she will always have them.


Sophie has no ongoing health issues as well as no temperament issues. She is crate trained and leash trained. However, she continues to be only partially housebroken despite being completely house trained at one time in her previous home. Sophie has the capability to go potty outside as seen by her foster mom on walks and when cleaning up the yard, but she has not made any progress in her foster home for doing all her business outside. She does have her favorite spots to go in her foster home where potty pads have been placed to assist in clean up. Most of her potty accidents seem to occur in the afternoon/evening.


Sophie lives with other dogs and children. She has two human foster brothers, ages 4 and 13. She is incredibly loved by the 4-year-old who adores giving her hugs and snuggling near her. She is not afraid of the child’s need to hug her or his loud noises and running. However, while she does well with small children, it might be better for her to be in a home with older children who put their toys away and off the floor. Sophie likes chewing and will need a home that is well-stocked with dog toys...not children toys....that can withstand her teeth.


Sophie is a ball hound and is focused on chasing balls all day long. They need to be durable, though, given her love for chewing. Although she has a variety of chew toys in her foster home, her true love is wood...she likes to find sticks in the yard (and has even pulled a few off the bushes) to chew on.


She gets along with other dogs and loves wrestling and running around with her German Shepherd foster brother. She is submissive towards larger dogs but has a high prey drive on walks, so a home with small animals would not be ideal. She also tends to gravitate more to human men than women.


Sophie does not know basic commands or come well when called. She will need to be leashed on walks and have a fenced yard to keep her safe. She does not require someone to be home all day with her or a midday potty break, but she would definitely prefer it.


Sophie is an active, mischief maker. She loves curling up on the couch to sun herself but doesn't mind helping herself to any morsels that may be lurking on the end tables. Although active, her breathing does hinder her, so she mostly plays in short bursts and prefers indoor play with the AC running or playing outside after the heat of the day has passed. Sophie would do best in an active home that understands the breathing problems of a French Bulldog. She seems to thrive more on walks to not only get her energy out but help prevent her from going potty in the house.


When Sophie gets the zoomies, it is the funniest thing ever. She is always so happy in the morning...she zooms around the house, jumping on and off the couch, running up the stairs (with grunts on each step), all while making cute Frenchie noises. She is an absolute goof ball!


She is a very lovely dog who is a dream despite her potty-training issues. She is content with sleeping on her back and snuggling up to someone. She is also amazing in her crate; she never whines and only barks when there is a disturbing noise. She has won her foster family’s hearts over and will win over yours in a snap.


If you think you can be patient with her while she works on her potty issues or love her even if they don’t improve, please apply to adopt this sweet girl!