Spike in Maryland- ADOPTED!!

Spike has been adopted by an amazing family who is madly in love with him. He has numerous doggie siblings and one kitty sister and is getting along with them all very well. We couldn't be happier for Spike and his forever family! They are the perfect match for each other.

Spike is an almost 2-year-old blue fawn male who was tearfully surrendered by an older couple who was not able to handle him because of his strength. Spike has a heart condition called moderate pulmonic stenosis, which was downgraded from severe, after a balloon valvuloplasty on 11/3/2020. His surgery was successful, but his heart will need to be continually monitored throughout his lifetime.


The cardiologist is very happy with his progress. The procedure cut his pressure in half, which was the goal, but he still has moderate valvular stenosis and always will. He also will always have a grade 5 (out of 6) heart murmur. There is a 15% chance that his condition could reoccur and although it is not expected (or likely) to happen, it could. For this reason, he will need to be monitored by a cardiologist. He will require his next echocardiogram in February of 2022 and these checkups will most likely be needed on a yearly basis. This will cost approximately $700 yearly, and if he needs an EKG done as well, then it will cost closer to $900. He is also on a very inexpensive heart medication that he takes 2x per day; he will need to remain on this medication for the rest of his life. His condition will not severely restrict any of his activities (although he should still be monitored) but there are added risks with anesthesia and IV fluids.


Spike has a very sensitive stomach and shows some signs of skin allergies. He has been on four different foods since he has been in foster care and with the help of his regular vet has landed on ZD Prescription Diet. His cardiologist approves of him being on this food as well. It is not cheap, but his stomach has been so much better in the short time he has been on it. It is important for his forever home to plan to keep him on this food.


He is housebroken and leash trained. Spike lives currently with other dogs and cats, but we are not sure how he would do with smaller pets like hamsters and birds. After slow introductions, Spike does really well with most dogs. He doesn’t discriminate. The slow introduction is key though, because if he feels bullied at all in the beginning, then he never forgives or forgets. He really would do best with fur-siblings, but they must have the right personality for him. If they are too quiet and passive, then he will torture them with his seemingly endless energy and desire to play. If they are too aggressive with him, then he retaliates. In other words, he needs dogs that will put up with him but will also gently put him in his place when needed. He is very hardheaded and does not like to listen the vast majority of time. He has shown slight hints of food and toy/bone aggression (it seems to depend on his mood and the moment) so he should be watched so that these behaviors do not escalate. He eats in a crate in his foster home to help head off any issues.


Spike is young, energetic, sweet, adorable...everything you see in his pictures and more, but he can be a handful. He loves his Nylabones and likes to tease his siblings with them. He will steal socks from the laundry and try to entice the resident dogs to play a game of tug of war with him. In his foster home, toys and bones are not freely lying around to avoid any fights but his foster mom is certain that he would love to have more access to them.


Spike has separation anxiety. His foster mom can’t leave him for even a minute to go to the bathroom without him crying and screaming at the gate. He would be best suited in a home with someone who works from home or is retired. He is also best suited in a home that does not share walls with neighbors. He would not be happy in a home where he is left all day while his owner goes to work, and he would not be happy crated all day either at home or in an office setting. He has improved with his tolerance of the crate while in foster care, but he will never be a huge fan of it.


Spike is a wonderful little guy who just about anyone would love to add to their family. He’s cute as a button…just look at his pictures…and he’s even better in person. He is about to celebrate his second birthday on March 9th, so he is young and full of energy. He loves to play and barks at every single animal on TV. He also loves to be rubbed and gives the tiniest kisses.


Spike is a very strong little dog. He is not an easy or fun dog to walk. He was taken to a bulldog event and pulled on his leash for three straight hours. One of the reasons he was surrendered was because he pulled his elderly dad off his feet on walks. For this reason, a fenced in backyard is a huge plus…(not a requirement but close to one). He is not a dog that can be walked by children or anyone else not strong enough to handle him. He is tall and lean but solid muscle!


He is going to need a home that provides him with tons of love and companionship but also a firm knowledge of who is the boss. He will fight you every step of the way when he feels like it and can be very loud in the process. He is worth every bit of it though!


Spike has been through a lot in a very short time. He has been in foster care far, far longer than anyone expected, and in his mind, he is "home". He is very attached to his foster mom, his foster fur-siblings, and his basic routine. It is going to be very hard for him to make another move…possibly harder than the first one. He will need a family who will be understanding and help him make a smooth transition.