Stella in Kentucky– ADOPTED!!

Stella went to her forever home a few days ago. She was her outgoing self when her new family arrived and gave everyone kisses. Her foster mom was sad and happy for her all at once....although, the house won’t be the same without her, she has found a wonderful forever home! We hear Stella is already being spoiled and has claimed the bean bag chair as her own.

Stella is a beautiful 3-year-old Frenchie who came to FBV from a Kentucky Pitbull rescue. She did not come from a good home situation and her owner was not truthful about her issues. The Pitbull rescue volunteer fostering her could not handle her issues, so the rescue reached out to the Village for help. Stella was then moved into a Frenchie knowledgeable foster home.

Stella's issue is resource guarding. Her original foster home said she took over their entire basement and would only let the husband go down. They did not crate or pen her up, because they said she didn't like it. In her current foster home, she stays in an x-pen during the night and while her foster parents are at work. She has never made a peep in it. She will resource guard the pen and her food. Her foster family has been working on behavior modification with her for 3 months. You can now walk by her pen without her can reach in and give a treat with no reaction…and if you let her come out of her pen on her own, she will instantly snap out of it. You can then go into her pen and do what you need to do…she does not care. Also, she will slowly tear up dog beds but leaves blankets alone. Toys are not allowed during any of her training.

Her food guarding is only when she has a bowl to eat out of. You cannot reach in the bowl or try to take it…she will react. She will easily eat out of your hand or out of a bowl if you hold it. One can also walk around her with no issues while eating this way. If you independently bowl feed her, you must entice her away from the bowl with a treat or with a leash on. Then you can go pick up the bowl.

Stella does not have any alpha dog tendencies. However, she is not a dog that will be allowed on furniture or in your bed. She could decide to guard them. She does not like her teeth brushed or her nails trimmed. She does bite her nails, or you can trim a few at a time. She doesn’t mind going to the vet but if she needs blood drawn or anything like that, she will need medication to sedate her. She won’t let the staff do the care without sedating meds.

Stella, in all honesty, is a very sweet girl. She loves attention from people (and will paw at you for some loving) and meeting new humans (as long as she is not in her “protected area”). She gets along with other dogs but due to her resource guarding, it is preferred she be an only dog. You cannot always predict when she will go after another dog in the house. However, certain homes with other dogs and behavior issue experience will be considered.

She has a low energy level but also loves walks and will play with you inside. She gets the zoomies during play which is hilarious. She loves to play ball (but will not drop it) and roll around and play with you on the floor (as well as have you love on her). She will lie down on the floor next to you if you are watching TV, or she will watch you eat. She may try suckling your arm if sitting in your lap. She enjoys naps and car rides as well.

A fenced yard is preferred but not required. She has mild environmental allergies…she will lick her feet and sometimes drag her butt. She is partially housebroken…she has never had an accident in her pen though. She will only have accidents if you miss her cue to go out; otherwise, she is perfect. Stella is crate trained, leash trained and knows the command to “sit.” She does not require someone home all day with her or a midday potty break.

Stella needs a family with patience and understanding; knowledge of behavior issues and the willingness to continue her training; a willingness to work with her and to know that she may never be perfect…she will have setbacks; and the ability to set boundaries to give her the best chance. Her foster family wants her to have a home where she is loved despite her issues. Her foster mom absolutely loves picking her up and kissing her little face.

Stella is a special girl who adapted to bad habits in her original home to protect herself. She really is a sweet, laid back and loving dog who loves people and being with them. She deserves a home where she can continue to learn trust and love. She also deserves a family who likes to take her on car rides and to public places. She loves meeting new people. However, she does like men better than women.

In order to give Stella the best chance in her forever home, her trainer strongly recommends training to start over in her new home and be repeated as many times as needed, and/or hire a canine behaviorist that uses reward based training. If her adoptive home is local, it is recommended that her current trainer be hired to come teach her in-home training.

If you think Stella would be a great fit for your home, please apply for this sweet, loving girl!