Stewie in Maryland- ADOPTED!!

Stewie loves his new home and is in absolute heaven! He has an awesome new mom, dad, two human brothers and a Frenchie sister. His family is familiar with the needs of Frenchies and that of rescue dogs. We know that Stewie is going to get amazing care! He is also already very loved and spoiled by his new family. Here is to Stewie and his new family for many wonderful years together!

Stewie is a handsome gentleman who weighs in at 30 lbs and is 5 years of age. He is healthy other than some minor allergies. He gets a Cytopoint injection once a month and receives medicated baths which have helped improve his skin. He is also a total lovebug and has shown no temperament issues in his foster home.


He currently lives with a 50 lb, 3-year-old female dog whom he absolutely loves. The two get along splendidly and love to play and cuddle together. To maintain a healthy relationship, they are fed separately but they share their toys without any issues. Given Stewie’s size, he would do best with children 10 and above who are dog savvy.


Stewie is very smart and easygoing. He learns quickly and aims to please. He currently knows the commands to come and stay. He loves being outside for long walks and wants to meet everyone in his path but also appreciates chill time on the couch. He really enjoys playing with toys and chewing on bones…especially beef cheeks and yak chews.


Stewie is approximately 90% housebroken. He understands that he should pee outside. The issue is that he still sometimes wants to mark in the house. It has improved since his neuter, but the vet said that it could possibly be habit now. He will require continued training from his new family in order to curb his marking.


He is crate trained and leash trained. He prefers a forever home with a fenced yard as he really loves being outside, but it is not a requirement as he also really enjoys long walks. He would prefer for someone to be home with him during the day, take him to work, or provide him with a midday potty break. He often goes to work with his foster mom and does very well.


He would do best having a doggie sibling or even 2. He loves the company! He is always up for anything and is pretty well behaved (though he could use a little work). He is quite the companion dog and will love accompanying you out in the world to cafes, breweries, etc. He also really loves sleeping in the bed with his human and wishes to continue this in his forever home.


Stairs are a bit challenging for Stewie. After several months in foster care, he is now able to go down them but is not yet able to go up a full flight. His foster family still has to carry him up steps unless there are just a couple.


Stewie is one chill dude…but he totally understands that the front door is the way outside. He will fling his whole body against that door when he wants to go out. He will even sometimes do this soon after coming in from a walk…he is guy who knows what he wants…haha! He also does not like to be closed out of the bathroom away from his foster mom and prefers to chill on the bathmat while she showers. He really loves car rides and looking out the window at all the sights and scenery.


Stewie is awfully darn adorable and has the absolute best attitude. He has no problems adapting and is a joy to be around. He is such a happy camper and just wants to hang with his people, doggie siblings, and friends. He deserves to be loved till the end of his days.