Stitch in Florida– ADOPTED!!

Stitch has found his forever home...and what a perfect fit it is! He has a wonderful new mom and dad and a Frenchie sister, Zoey. Zoey is a very timid rescue and needed a pup that could bring her out of her shell. Also, her dad needed a companion since Zoey shies away from him. Stitch will be great for this family, and they are going to provide him with the best with lots of love and attention!

Stitch is a 15-month-old handsome and healthy Frenchie who is ready to find his forever home. He came to FBV when his previous family realized they did not have the time to work on his obedience training due to conflicting work and school schedules. Stitch has exhibited no behavior issues in foster care outside of needing obedience training—he is all puppy!!


Stitch is partially housebroken—he will occasionally have accidents overnight. He is very silent about his accidents, so you don’t know an accident has occurred until you stumble upon it. He is crate trained but prefers not to be crated. He is leash trained. He knows the commands “sit” and “come.” He would prefer a home with a fenced yard, but it is not required. However, he needs someone who is home all day or someone who works but can come home at lunch or have a pet sitter/dog walker let him out midday for a potty break.


Stitch is a happy camper most of the time, unless he is crated for a period of time when his foster family is gone (they can tell he gets worked up and have been working on calmness training to reinforce it's okay when the human family members leave the house). Stitch has some funny antics and could be labeled as the class clown of his foster home. He'll pick up toys from the kids or from the toy bin and throw them up in the air and catch them. He will parkour all over the furniture and initiate play at any time with anyone.


He was noted to be a little too rambunctious around cats prior to coming into FBV but has been fine with his foster sibling cat when left alone most times. If the resident cat doesn't want to play, he has responded well to the cat's correction. He would love to have a family that is relatively active in the sense of mental stimulation and play… more than physical activity; a short stroll would be fine for his physical demands. He would do best in a house with a playful housemate around his age with whom to play. He loves frozen Kongs in his crate and his feeding puzzle bowl during his meals. He is super food motivated. His foster family has used this to help with his potty training. He will most definitely need basic obedience classes and continued work on his potty training in his new home given he still has the occasional accident overnight.


Stitch’s three favorite things are food, play, and cuddles… in that order. He will do anything for a treat or even his kibble. Playtime is constant until about 10 PM with bouts of napping. If he's napping and you're on the couch or in bed, he wants to be touching you. His previous owners mentioned he likes to bury underneath the covers, and his foster family has noticed he loves to "nest" his bed vigorously prior to naps. Oh, and head rubs are a must for his mental and physical health… no exceptions! 😉


Here are some things Stitch would really like in his forever home:

  1. Another housemate with whom to play.
  2. A forever family who WILL commit to enrolling him in obedience classes and working on his potty training… especially since these are the reasons why he was relinquished to FBV.
  3. Someone who will find a trainer and at home use positive reinforcement with him… it goes a long way with this fella.
  4. A family who understands he is all puppy!
  5. Someone who will work on his early signs of separation anxiety as this will also be key to his long-term happiness.
  6. A forever family who will allow him to sleep in their bed and have minimal (if any) time in a crate.
  7. A home that will give him stability, routine and not leave him alone (whether it be a human or another dog with him).


It may bother some, but his foster family loves when he parkours around the house, grabs a toy and flips it around… it is quite amusing. He also will play tug o’ war with his foster Frenchie sibling for hours. When he eventually calms down from that playtime, him nesting the couch and curling up in the silliest, sometimes most uncomfortable looking positions will make a heart melt!


Stitch is a good-natured dog and such a cuddle bug. He just needs someone to dedicate some time and TLC to him. His previous owners had so much love for him, and you can tell by his personality that he has always been smothered with love. What he needs now, though, is training and devoted puppy time.