Strudel in Ohio- ADOPTED!!

YAY….Strudel is ready to find her forever home!! She is 3-year-old cutie who suffers from some allergies. To combat her allergies, she receives ¼ tablet of Apoquel (16 mg) once daily for the itching and eats Hill’s Prescription Diet: Derm Complete (canned and dry). Other than the allergies, Strudel is a healthy gal.


She loves playing with other dogs. However, she tends to resource guard some random things with other dogs, especially with the one submissive dog in her foster home. She is easily redirected with a stern voice or loud noise such as clapping or shaking pennies in a can. It Is very important that Strudel be fed separately from other dogs in the house. There has been no resource guarding with humans.


Strudel is good with children (dog savvy ones) and while curious about cats, has never had a chance to live with any. She loves meeting new people and is submissive when she does. She loves everyone she meets and sits patiently waiting for pets. Apartment living could possibly be a problem, though, as Strudel can be bossy and loves to talk. If your neighbors are not familiar with unique Frenchie sounds, they may not love living next door to Strudel.


She is tolerant of all grooming, including bathing, ear cleaning, facial fold cleaning and nail trims. She is also crate trained; although, she prefers not to be. She walks well on a leash but needs a little encouragement sometimes. She rides well in the car if crated as she gets a little anxious. She is also crated when home alone.


She is mostly housebroken. She does well when taken out on a regular schedule of every 4 hours or so. For this reason, she would benefit from having someone who works from home, can provide a midday potty break or take her to work. She also wouldn’t mind the additional lovin’ she would be getting with the extra time with humans.


She has a moderate energy level. She enjoys playing tag and doing zoomies in the house and fenced yard with the resident dogs. She is a little shy on a leash so having a fenced yard for her to run in would be great. Strudel also loves playing with stuffies, especially the ones that crinkle and squeak.


While her energy level is only moderate, her affection level is HIGH!!! She loves snuggling and cuddling up on the couch with her people and other dogs. She is definitely a Velcro dog and will follow her person everywhere. She also would enjoy having the company of another dog in her forever home, though this is not a requirement.


Just like her namesake, Strudel is super sweet and totally flakey! She LOVES to snuggle, has a goofy personality, and is eager to please her humans. She is the most loving Frenchie, absolutely adores people and is good with kids. She likes being the alpha, can clear baby gates with ease, and has an adorable little "dance" she does when she's happy. She also is a gold medalist in snoring and passing super stinky toots.


She totally deserves all the goodness a great home has to offer. If you feel that home could be yours, please apply.