Sugar Bear in Florida— ADOPTED!!

Sugar Bear was officially adopted a few days ago. She made sure to watch her foster mom as she packed up all her belongings, so she did not miss anything. No need to worry sweet Sugar have an amazing forever home who will provide you with anything you need.


She has a wonderful new mom and dad and 2 doggie siblings to share life with and is ecstatic to get the adventures started! We can’t wait to see updates on Sugar Bear and her family.

Sugar Bear is a 2-year-old cutie who was found as a stray in Florida. Upon coming to FBV, she was spayed. It was found that she had several litters in her young age, and her uterus was a shredded mess. The surgery took almost 2 hours. She is all healed now, and the worst is behind her. She also has a scar on her side (which is fully healed) from a serious burn.

She has no ongoing health issues. She has very good manners. She is potty trained (she uses the dog door in her foster home) and walks nicely on a leash. She does not mind being crated as long as there is a soft bed to cuddle in. She knows the following commands: sit, come, leave it and heel. She will sit for treats and takes them gently from your hand.

Here are some of Sugar Bear’s likes:

  1. Sugar Bear enjoys sunbathing and cuddling in a comfy bed with a toy.
  2. She likes squeaky toys and the ones that make animal sounds.
  3. She enjoys split deer antlers and Nylabones.
  4. She likes tennis balls and tug-of-war toys.
  5. Sugar Bear likes kids. However, when excited she will jump up and “mouth” your fingers. Therefore, she may not be suitable for a home with small children.
  6. She enjoys lying in the sun on the patio in her foster home.
  7. She loves following the resident tortoise around the yard.

She gets along fine with dogs her height, both males and females. However, tall dogs are an issue. She lives with a boxer and needs to be in control. The boxer is passive, though, and lets her lead. Sugar Bear is reactive to large dogs when out in public. She is also possessive of toys and chew bones...she will hoard them in her bed.

There are 4 resident dogs in her foster home. When preparing meals, Sugar Bear gets excited and does not want the other dogs in the kitchen with foster mom. Her foster mom places her in a bedroom while preparing the food and feeds each dog separately. She has no food aggression with humans. You can take her food and Nylabones away from her without issue.

Sugar Bear has no preference if her forever home has a fenced yard or not. She does not like being on the bed or couch in her foster home. She prefers dog beds - which her foster mom has in every room. When she gets tired, she will sneak off to the bedroom to nap.

While she does not need someone who is home all day or someone who works but can come home at lunch or have a pet sitter/dog walker come, she would prefer it. Sugar Bear needs a forever home with someone who will spend time playing with her and loving her. She enjoys following you around the house and craves her human friends.

She is very laid back. She has short bursts of energy and enjoys going for short walks when it’s cool outside. She is a good car passenger...she will lie on the back seat and just go to sleep. She has discovered that the luxurious Pawsh bed in her foster home is pretty pawsome. If she hears a squeaky sound or a dog bark on TV, she will come running to investigate. She is a total Velcro Frenchie who loves snuggling. This doll deserves to spend the rest of her life being treasured as the princess that she is.

If you can give this princess an amazing forever home, please apply!