Suki and Chanel in Florida- ADOPTED!

Suki and Chanel are ready to find their furever! This sweet, bonded pair was lovingly surrendered by their previous owners when life circumstances changed. Suki is 6 years old and 25 lbs. Chanel is 7 years old and weighs 17 lbs.


The girls get along with other dogs, but slow introductions are needed. They live with a parrot and have shown no interest in her. They also would do best in a home with older (ages 10+), dog savvy children. Apartment living would be fine for them, but Suki is unable to do stairs. She is good taking the elevator, though.


They have not been exposed to crating in their foster home, but are leash trained. They are also fed separately because they will steal each other’s food. They prefer a new home with a fenced yard, but it is not a requirement. Both girls had dentals performed while in rescue and are on weight control formula dog foods.


Suki and Chanel are housebroken but they require frequent potty breaks- every 3-4 hours. They do not indicate when they need to go so consistency is key. Occasionally, Suki has demonstrated incontinence when she gets excited with meeting new people. Both girls are tolerant of grooming, but Suki absolutely loves getting a bath. She will roll over on her back and let you scrub a dub dub in the tub!


Now let’s talk specifically about Suki. Suki has some loss in the usage of her back legs that is related to degeneration of nerves compiled with extreme obesity on intake. She has lost several pounds and was started on an anti-inflammatory which has helped her gain back significant function of her rear legs. She even does well on daily short walks (6-8 blocks). Diet, exercise, and anti-inflammatory medications will be very important for her success and wellbeing. She takes Gabapentin 100mg for spinal pain and Vetprofen 25mg for inflammation in her spine.


Suki naturally wants to be a couch potato. However, since she has lost weight, she has become much more playful and interactive. She can be independent but definitely prefers attention and affection more. Any kind of verbal praise and love from humans makes Suki so happy! She is one of those dogs that will give so much more to someone than she gets.


She has an amazing personality. She is very easy-going and trusting. She is like the kind, wise, mother of the pack with other dogs…taking charge and keeping order. She loves napping with her sister and receiving treats that are given for good behavior. She also grunts like a little piggy when she is happy and on super special moments will tap, tap, tap her left paw to show her excitement for you! This girl has quite the big heart and loves unconditionally.


Now for Chanel…She is in good health. She loves to play with her “sister,” Suki, and the resident dog. She likes to steal toys from others and can be a little rascal. She is also vocal when she plays. She can be curious and will get up from sleeping and cuddling to investigate…like when Amazon shows up. She also will rouse for food…this girl loves food.


She likes attention and to cuddle. She also loves walks…not too long of ones, though. Six to eight blocks and she is good. She likes a slow-moderate pace on her walks so she can stop and sniff. She also loves small plush toys and bones.


Chanel is calm and smart. She is really a great dog! She is great riding in the car and great with other dogs. Overall, she has good manners with people, but she will put her front paws on you asking for pets and to be held.


Sukie and Chanel are very loving and will push each other out of the way to be first in line for attention, but they really love each other the most. They have the sweetest relationship…often making one imagine the dialogue between them being one of bantering and gossiping. If you are looking for two of the sweetest Frenchies ever, please apply for this duo! They will not disappoint!