Sullivan (Sully) in New York— ADOPTED!!

Sully has been adopted by an amazing family who is already spoiling him! He has two wonderful new parents and two fur siblings. He and his pug sister are already best buds. They love chasing and playing with each other. Sully also has an older brother to watch over him. We are so excited for Sullivan…he has found the perfect forever family! ***Make sure to watch the beautiful video his foster mom made of his Gotcha Day***

Sullivan (aka Sully) is a sweet puppy who has had a rough start in life. He was surrendered to FBV a very sick boy. He came to the Village with an ulcerated cherry eye, dehydration with the need for fluids, 3 different parasites, a stark respiratory infection (with coughing and sniffling), anal gland infection, and bilateral ear infections. He also has bilateral luxation of his patellas and a Grade 2 heart murmur.

Sully has combated numerous parasites so far in his short life. He just recently contracted Giardia and was treated with a  double course of medication. He likes to eat everything...worms, dirt, rocks, rabbit poo...anything he can put in his mouth. For this reason, he will need to be closely watched and have stool samples performed a couple times a year.

He is allergic to certain dog foods and treats (he is highly allergic to turkey and chicken). He eats a specific dehydrated raw diet called Vital Essentials- Duck (with a cost of almost $300 a month) and gets fruits and veggies as treats. He is on a probiotic and digestive enzymes and sees a holistic vet for acupuncture, vitamin B injections and herbs to help keep his GI tract healthy. Sullivan has a very sensitive stomach and has struggled with diarrhea since arriving in FBV's care. It has improved but could return at any time. It is likely that he will need to continue to receive his current food, supplements, and holistic vet visits for acupuncture, herbs and injections indefinitely in his forever home!!

He had cherry eye surgery while in foster care. Occasionally his eyes get dry and he needs drops. There is also the possibility that his cherry eyes could come back, and he may need surgery on his knees in the future. Sully has proven to be one of the costliest pups in the history of FBV with all his medical problems. While he has improved a lot with the amazing care of his vets and foster family, he still has numerous issues that will need to be managed in his forever home.

Sully is only partially housebroken...when he has to go, he has to go. He knows which door is for going outside to potty and will sit in front of it when he needs to go. However, if you don't let him out in a timely manner, he will go anywhere. He especially loves to potty on rugs! 🙂 He will require a forever home with a fenced yard, as well as a stay at home parent, someone who can take him to work, or someone who can provide him with a midday potty break. He really would prefer to be with his person throughout the day so someone who stays home or can take him to work would be best. He has been going to work with his foster mom since the first day she had him in her care. Sullivan is crate trained (although he prefers not to be crated) and leash trained. He also knows the commands, "sit" and "come."

Sully would do best in a home with another dog as he loves to cuddle with his foster fur brother. He also will need a home with only older, dog savvy children. Sully has been allowed to sleep in bed with his foster parents and has been allowed on any chair and sofa in the house. He wants this definitely to continue in his forever home. He is one spoiled boy and needs for the spoiling to continue! 😉

He has absolutely no temperament issues. He has a very happy personality especially now that he is healthier. He has so much more energy and is loving life! He loves playing with his foster brother and requires all the attention from his persons (if not, he will wiggle in between his foster brother and foster mom). He rarely barks unless the resident dog is getting into trouble. Then Sully barks at him to listen to mom (Sully is quite the enforcer, aka sheriff). He is a good sleeper and cuddler! He loves car rides and playing outside (he gets so excited to go outside that he will try to run through the screen!), as well as playing with his octagon toy with a tennis ball inside and his stuffed bee (these will keep him busy for hours!). His absolute favorite thing to do, though, is listen to K-pop. It was the only thing in the beginning that would help him fall asleep. His foster family tried every music under the sun, and he would not stop screaming. One day his foster human sister started playing K-pop, and he was out like a light.

Sullivan never really acted like a puppy until recently. With him feeling much better now, he can actually enjoy life. He is a great companion for dogs and humans. He is always happy to see his persons and follows them into every room (afraid he will miss something). When they come home from being gone, his little butt wiggles like a slinky...his butt actually touches his face when he wiggles! 🙂 He has also become the mascot at his foster mom's work and greets every person who walks through the door. He is quite the cuddle bug!

Sully is such a sweet pup and deserves an amazing forever home. While he may be more expensive to care for than some other dogs, believe us when we say, "If you can afford his care, he will be worth every penny you spend!" He is truly one of a kind...and will steal your heart in a second!