Sweet Vinnie Has Gone To The Bridge

It is with a very heavy heart that I am sharing the news that my baby boy passed away today. We had only 7 days together since his diagnosis but I promise you all that every one of those was filled with as much love as a day could hold. Other than work, I have spent all of my time enjoying each moment that we had. We have had many stroller rides, cuddles, and rolls in the grass. Thursday evening was wonderful. Vinnie and I visited my grandmother, had a nice trip up to the ice cream stand, and then he settled on my chest for a nice nap. He has been strong and eating well every day since the diagnosis. This morning he was not interested in his food and I felt in my heart that his time was near. I canceled my grooming clients and snuggled up to him. By 10:30 or so it was very evident that the tumor had ruptured. I had a local vet that specializes in hospice care come to my home so Vinnie could be more comfortable. We spent our last moments together in Vinnie’s favorite place, out on the deck. I hope I changed his life and gave him as much comfort as he gave me in our short time together. He was the love of my life and has left a huge hole in my heart and home.