Taco in Florida— ADOPTED!!

Taco has been adopted by an amazing family! They are absolutely thrilled to welcome her into their home and share their lives with her. She now has a place to officially call home, where she will spend the rest of her life being spoiled and loved. Way to go, Taco, you are one lucky lady!

Taco is a tiny Frenchie weighing in at only 12 lbs. She is 3-4 years old and was surrendered by her family due to recurrent rectal prolapses and the inability to afford the medical cost to care for her. Upon coming into rescue, Taco’s rectum prolapsed again. The prolapse was caused by diarrhea from a hookworm infestation. A purse-string suture was performed with the suture later removed. She was also treated for the hookworms. Taco came into rescue unaltered and in heat. She is now spayed and up to date on her vaccines.

Currently, Taco has no ongoing health issues. Since her hookworms have cleared, there have been no further issues with her rectum prolapsing. She is partially housebroken. Her foster parents are retired so when they are home, they make sure she gets a lot of potty breaks. She does provide some signs as to when she must go out...her foster family has come to know these signs. If she isn’t settling down when everyone else is, then they know she has to go potty. Once outside you must have patience, because she takes her time to poop. She will continue to walk around until she finds her spot. She sleeps in her own bed due to the potty issues, but when she does sleep next to you, she is a complete Velcro pup.

It is unknown if Taco is crate trained, but she is leash trained. She knows the commands “stay” and “come.” She has no preference for a fenced yard in her adoptive home. However, she needs someone who is home all day or someone who works but can provide a midday potty break.

Her previous owners reported that Taco got along with other dogs her size. She also gets along great with her foster dog sibling who is a female and 37 lbs. She has not been around male or large dogs in her foster home, but we suspect she would get along with them as when taken on walks, she has had no interest in going near other dogs. If adopted by a family with children, she would do best with children ages 10 and over due to her size. She is so tiny and sometimes gets under your feet, so you have to be very careful not to accidently step on her.

Taco is a calm, laid-back dog. She loves when you pet her and give her attention....she shows she loves it by making cooing noises. She loves to run and chase the resident dog, but those little legs can only go for so long before she is tuckered out. Taco likes to sleep and lounge in a dog bed...before you know it, though, she is half out of the bed, lying on the floor too. She will also try to fit into her foster sibling’s bed with her in it. She will walk on a leash for a short distance. However, if you have gone farther then she wants, she will stop and sit there. Her foster family will either try to convince her to continue or just pick her up and carry her back home.

Taco is fed separately from the resident dog because Taco will start to eat her foster sibling’s food. Her foster family has not witnessed any food or toy aggression. The only noises she makes are when she has one end of a toy while playing with the resident dog. When given treats together, Taco waits her turn.

Taco loves antlers and round marrow bones. She also loves stuffy toys but must be monitored after a while due to her sharp little teeth getting through to the stuffing. She likes to play with toys with the resident pup and sometimes will be the one to start the action.

An ideal family for Taco is one who will love this little nugget and let her sit and sleep on their laps...a family who realizes she is small and can get under foot very easily and know she isn’t to blame. She would love another calm dog in her forever home to keep her company. She just wants to be with her family always, especially the men. She desires humans who will give and show her lots of attention. Taco deserves a loving home that will have patience with her potty issues and will continue to provide her training.

If she sounds like the little lady for you, please apply!