Tallulah in Texas- ADOPTED!!

Tallulah is home!! She was adopted by an amazing family. She is now living with an awesome mom and dad and a cool new grandmom! She has a couple doggie siblings too. She is one lucky girl and is already very loved. We couldn’t be happier for Tallulah and her forever family!


Bonjour! My name is Tallulah, and I am 7 years young! I come to you as a breeder surrender and am ready for my new start in 2022.


I'm funny! 

No, really. I am a petite blonde with a twisted sense of humor. I like to lay on top of my foster brother's blanket while he drags it around. Weeeee! I like to lay on top of him while he sleeps. I don't care if he's uncomfortable! I like to chew my treats slowwwwwly in front of him. And how do I rub my antics in his face???? I wag my nub! Ha! Winning!!!!


I need attention!

I'm a floor-sleeping-lump of a dog if I'm not in your lap insisting on heavy petting. I'm not shy about this fact. You know that song "Every step you take, every move you make, I'll be watching youuuuu!" Well, I'm thinking I'm owed royalties because it's obviously about me.  If sleeping in your bed is an option, I snore. You've been warned. I am also crate trained, though.


I keep it real. 

If you're not where you're supposed to be, I'll call you out/find you! Hiding in the bathroom for your "me time?” Cute. No. Walking through the door when you come home? Ohh…I will bark at you until you say your sorry, and you definitely should pet me before acknowledging others in the home. Were you raised by wolves? Foster mom says barking is rude, and I'm a lady. 


I like exercise.

Said no woman ever! But I really do like walks and am good on a leash. That's how I've kept my potato like shape after having my kids. Now that I've had my mommy makeover, I'm done having any more little kibble crunchers. Bring on those walks.


I like people. 

OK, this part is true. I like people. All people. I like dogs. All dogs. Heck, I probably even like cats. I even like my foster dad - even if he does call me Tater Tot (maybe he was raised by those aforementioned wolves!). 


I am smart.

Look, when my foster mom first got me, I didn't know what the heck was going on and I, admittedly, had some accidents on the floor. But now that I've learned what's expected, I've not had a single "oopsie.” I have a dog door, so that helps. I have learned that as soon as I get up, I go outside because I'm not going to miss anything or have another accident in the house. We're also working on me not jumping on people. Foster mom has taught me a hand signal. I get it! I get it...it’s rude to jump on people. Check. 


I'm pretty.

With this comes baths and face wiping. I love a good spa day. I like the attention. I like to be pampered. And when my nails are done, I'm like a short, French, Claudia Schiffer, but with big ears. I don't have any allergies or special needs (except for those hands you're not using to pet me).


I'm low maintenance.  

Bahahha. Not really. I'm a French Bulldog and a Velcro dog. See? Still funny. 


If you can give my sweet, loving soul an amazing home and lots of kisses, then you better clicky apply now!